'Moving water park' open cluster 'hot money'

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Leading slide, slide, rainbow very large swimming pool & hellip; … After RuFu open & other; BBQ & throughout; Model, water park markets heat up. In recent years, shenyang water park open cluster, especially this year in more than a month time opened three mobile water park. Shenyang evening news reporter interviewed yesterday, shenyang net. More than a month open days of high temperature, three water park in shenyang, and other Go swimming throughout the summer swim &; As many people focus on the topic. Earlier, there is only one place to play water near shenyang, which has made waves and large swimming pool equipment. Last June, shen north also opened a water world, though not like some surfing pavilion in indoor, outdoor, but also has a large water equipment. Every summer, the two places will meet a lot of tourists, aimed at this opportunity, water park are & other; Break into & throughout; Cool the economy. On June 1, muddy south square opened a water park. In early July, I also had a water park, July 18 in shenyang GuaiPo and opened a water world. The three belong to move the water park, are some of the huge swimming pool aeration equipment, etc, water slides, speed chute, etc. That is to say, shenyang north and south, east and west have water park in four directions. Now, the water park cluster open in shen, all because of the weather suddenly hot, businesses are competing for & other; Hot & throughout; The money. Several water park his popularity promotion rob & other Water park, swimming all day 98 yuan, the group purchase price 68 yuan & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Registered members, now only as long as 30 yuan, can enjoy the original price 98 yuan large swimming pool, small swimming pool to paddle, slides, maze project! ” … … As the weather is getting hot, the new water world into the promotional period. “ Now we are more than 1000 visitors every day. ” One water world head told reporters, from the start with a lot of visitors every day, which opened in July, particularly lively. Sudden increase so much more than a month in shenyang water world, will have a competition with each other? The head give no answer, because the size of shenyang itself is very high, it is the southeast northwest has a water park. Mobile water park for around, don't want to go, filial residents of water, and the royal Marine park and micky farce of water is suitable for the young people play a large water sports in the world of tourists. Popular profit & other larger water world started in 2012; Since 2012, and more and more people are our reservation water park equipment, especially this year. ” Shanghai a production staff of the mobile water park equipment factory, mobile water park, the first rise in Europe and the United States and other regions in the early 21st century, the characteristic is may at any time and place to build water park in different scale, which formed in the local hot spots, creates huge gains in the short term. Into the country by the end of 2009, but was not forming at that time, only a small reservoirs, in each district or the park gate, for children nearby fishing, a water fight, cheap, profit is limited. The movement of the large water park from 2012 comprehensive promotion in China. “ Profit is very big still, so more and more attention. ” The staff just to a place finish of 6000 square meters water solution in the world, and the hardware investment, venue rental, open information about more than 100 people. A conservative estimate business hours 50 days, according to the 700 - 1000 people/day, 60 yuan per fare calculation, then back to this too normal. It is took a fancy to the profits, many businesses are custom water park this year.
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