【 Mountains travel 】 Penguin ice carnival of joyous pavilion park

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
Since came back from the colorful city, mountains have been more penguins, at home studying penguins walk, asked our brain teasers penguins. Heard joyous pavilion penguin's ice and snow carnival, see the coupon on reviews, plus unit Friday afternoon off, can't wait to come at once. Tickets for the carnival is 50 yuan/person, group purchase is 25 yuan/person, but everyone, even when held in the hand the baby to vote. Before mountain mama take it for granted that children don't need, only purchased the 3 tickets, site and bought a full price ticket, really lost. In addition, the group purchase and entertainment packages, we bought all the children's park, actually will buy a can, the rest can buy with a circle of snow, the adults can also play. Snow carnival in south park, because it is the first time we go, park the car near the north gate, through the north gate into the park to find carnival. As the most depressing is the redirection of met not knowing the way, to find the entrance to the carnival and full circle, in order to exchange group tickets, mountain mama has walked 400 meters long & ndash; — In winter, ran mountain mother full head big sweat, but also because of considering the play snow carnival, the article specially wear more pants + down jacket! Covers an area of the carnival is rather large, west is huge snow slide, similar to ski runs, can take a snow slide down, also quite exciting. The south is the children's park, BingHuaTi, shake car, trampoline and inflatable castle. The north is penguins and alpaca, pony. There is snow maze and big ball, on the southeast corner of military land, but we didn't go. Main purpose is to see the penguin, this time a total of four penguins, you have two special hypertrophy, but very lazy, always on the ground. Mountains and classmates were very interested in penguins wings on the green board, kept asking: why do you want to wear a green board.
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