mountain of hell! hundreds of bikers crash on icy alps glacier during 3,400m downhill race (video)

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-16
Held in June 28, endurance mountain, bikereid-
30. See about 700 passengers on dazzling icy cliffs, with a vertical drop of 2,500 through rocks and dirt.
The riders are in the final lap of the annual race, with a 25 km-kilometer leg starting at an altitude of 3,400 above the top of the glacier --
This is the time when everything crashes.
During the descent, several riders in front of the team slid down the glacier, began to shake, then began to lose their balance and ended up lying helplessly on the snow.
When they pounced on their faces, the rider behind them found themselves unable to avoid those who caused their crash on the ice, which caused confusion.
The helpless riders collided with each other, causing a carnival of metal fragments and bodies, speeding down from the cliff.
The helmet camera of a rider photographed the moment he was sent to the snow.
Another rider was turned over into the air and landed on his head to see dozens of passengers colliding with each other, but it was incredible that no one was seriously injured in the crash.
The final winner was French Kilian Bron, who went through a difficult turn in the southern French city of venosc after the crash and won the 2019 title in the mountain of hell.
It can be said that Brownie really went to hell and came back to win the top prize with little irony.
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