more evidence trampoline parks are dangerous places for kids

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Trampoline parks can be fun for kids, but a new injury study at a hospital in Australia adds more and more evidence that these facilities are also dangerous for kids.
The hospital is only three and a half miles from the indoor trampoline park, which opened in July 2014.
In the first six months after the park was opened, the hospital treated 40 children under the age of 17 who were injured in the trampoline at the facility.
Most children have soft tissue injuries, although there is only one
The researchers reported in the journal Injury Prevention that the third patient had a fracture.
Christopher Mulligan, principal research author of the Sydney Children\'s Hospital and the University of New South Wales Neuroscience Research, said landing failures are often the culprit.
\"Injured when kids jump alone on a trampoline, which is usually due to a summer or after-trick landing failure, although there are also some kids who land outside the trampoline area, such as on the pads around them, \"Mulligan said in an email.
\"When more than one person jumps on a small trampoline at the same time, they increase the risk of a direct collision,\" Mulligan added . \".
\"As the weight and energy of another person increases, the smaller size of the jumper can also be higher than expected, which increases the risk of landing failure.
The authors note that the study is small in size and may only be hospitalized for children with more serious injuries to trampoline park.
This may exaggerate the proportion of fractures to serious accidents.
But this discovery is in the United States. S.
This month\'s study recorded a surge in the growing popularity of trampoline parks.
From 2010 to 2014, the average number of Americans per yearS.
According to the pediatric study, the emergency room attendance rate for trampoline injuries was close to 92,000.
The vast majority of these statesS.
Injured at home.
But the number of injuries in trampoline park has surged by more than 10.
Fold during learning.
Study found that in 2014 of people trampoline park of injured number accounted for the emergency room visits Number of nearly 7,000.
Nationwide, the number of the United StatesS.
Trampoline parks increased from 40 in 2011 to 280 in 2014.
It is estimated that five to six new parks are open every month, and by the end of last year the total may be about 450.
Mulligan and his colleagues pointed out that in Australia, more than 20 commercial trampoline parks have been opened in the past three years, and it is estimated that three new centers will open every month.
\"An important risk to consider is the risk of serious injury, such as spinal cord injury or fracture requiring surgery,\" Dr.
Catherine casmere, Children\'s Medical Center, Connecticut, United States of AmericaS.
After reviewing the findings from Australia, the study said.
\"Even if the practice of safe jumping is followed, the risk cannot be completely avoided,\" Kasmire added via email . \".
To this end, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
Leisure trampoline is not recommended.
AAP recommends that children should have continuous adult supervision and adequate protective padding when trampoline is used for entertainment, and that there should be only one jumper at a time.
The team of doctors suggested that children should also avoid flipping and turning their heads.
\"The benefits of exercise for children\'s physical and mental health are important for the development of children, and there are many aerobic exercises that are safe and appropriate for children,\" said Dr.
Gary Smith is the lead author of AAP\'s advice on trampoline and is also the chairman of the Columbus Children\'s Injury Prevention Coalition, Ohio.
\"This could be one of those if trampoline is used with proper supervision and proper environment-this is not in trampoline park or backyard,\" Smith, added the email, he was not involved in any study.
\"If the child wants to use a trampoline, the child should use it under the supervision of a trained coach, who can safely progress the child through action while the child gains skills, Smith said. SOURCE: bit.
Ly/2 bviFiA Injury Prevention, online on August 15, 2016.
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