Mobile water park new era has arrived

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
By 2020, China will become the world's fourth largest consumer market for entertainment and leisure, recreation has become stimulate the consumption, promote the new bright spot of economic growth. Has amusement park, which opened in 300 in China, and the majority of mismanagement, passive waiting, equipment aging and lack of novelty, cannot satisfy the huge market demand. Through continuous market development, amusement park industry enters a new era of mobile amusement park has broken the characteristics of the past can't move, it is difficult to attract the audience for a long time, at any time to add new items and new pattern, and so on, vary with location become the latest popular amusement park. And mass consumer market, urban recreation scarce also urgently needs new forms to enter. In zhejiang province as an example, the per capita GDP more than $5000, heralding in real estate, automobile, tourism and cultural industries, has a strong consumption ability. According to the survey, the citizens of taizhou cultural consumption proportion accounted for as much as 20% of the monthly consumer spending, culture, leisure tourism market cake is very attractive. In order to promote students swimming popularization plans, taizhou huangyan district introduced the province's first mobile water park, planning the different sizes of the swimming pool and play facilities. During the morning, once appeared because of the traffic was overweight and control into the garden in the park, visible Chinese amusement market consumption potential, at the same time, proved & other; Mobile water park & throughout; This sunrise industry hot market prospect. National economic and social development five-year ( 2011 - 2015). Plan, special would promote the service industry development as the focus of industrial structure optimization and upgrading strategy, create a favorable policy environment and institutional environment, expand new areas, the development of new formats, cultivate new hot spots, promote service industry scale, the brand. Therefore, large areas of the country's urbanization, will create a huge consumer demand in different category, especially in the entertainment, the national fitness level is more apparent. Urban residents income increasing, after the basic living needs satisfied, in the entertainment, health, enjoy, spending on child growth, in the spirit of the maintenance of the parent-child relationship, and so on demand and consumption is more and more prominent, this will bring huge business opportunities for the majority of investors, this requires thinking and contribution of the whole society. To this end, the reporter interviewed a & other China mobile's creator and leader & water park throughout; Known as the Beijing zyprexa sports co. , LTD. , general manager xu introduced: & other; Mobile park to the construction of low cost, convenient loading and unloading, and low maintenance cost, fast update of caused quite a stir within the industry in recent years, many enterprises took a fancy to this emerging industry form, have joined to the construction of mobile park investment. ” For the entire industry, Mr Zyprexa sports co. , LTD. , general manager, said: & other; Mobile industry has many years of operating experience in foreign countries, and in 2010 the zyprexa company first take this kind of product and the park into China, hope to related domestic industry epoch-making change, also make up most of the domestic most amusement fitness situation of scarcity. And Mr Zyprexa is not only the advantages of mobile pool itself, but rather to the market as the guidance, focusing on the site survey, park overall planning, covering all the details of the functional design, product series complete set of supporting and guiding field solution of successful operations, starting from the characteristics of each city, planning publicity, price positioning, team organizing and management, equipment structure and maintenance, to set up the reasonable operation process, security and safety plan and so on all aspects of professional solutions, and through a variety of features combination operating mode and experience, to ensure the park around the maximize returns. ” According to relevant data show that the zyprexa paddle brought the neighborhood around the park more than 20% of the traffic was at ordinary times, stimulate the local shop's turnover has increased, as a & other Joy throughout the whirlwind &; 。 Filled with laughter, food, toys, shopping, peninsular and volume to the large number of wealth. The rise of mobile water park industry boom, not only for the people, build more healthy leisure entertainment, more market has become big business. Ann lixin amusement equipment co. , LTD
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