Mobile water park investors how to ensure the safety of the water park site

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
Play is a set research and development, production, sales for the integration of large-scale amusement equipment production enterprise, specializing in the production of large children rushed off equipment, parents rushed off equipment, land children rushed off equipment, children rushed off carnival, stent pool, stents, pool, mobile water park, inflatable castles, inflatable slide, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming pool and other facilities equipment, 24 hours of unified national service hotline: 400 - 997 - 2223, welcome your inquiry! Mobile water park safety not only include the safety of the equipment, also include the safety of the park. Security is a top priority in the process of water park management, so as mobile water park investors how to ensure the safety of the water park, the park? A, ensure the safety of the water quality of water is in play in the process of moving water park visitors contact most of the media, so investors should handle the water quality in the first place. In strict accordance with the instructions, time to test the water quality and treatment, in order to ensure the water quality of clean and health. Second, anti-skid measures necessary because of the moving water park with water as the carrier, visitors in and out of the bracket pool or inflatable pool will inevitably bring out some water, thus inevitably has some water pool around, investors need to deal with the holiday protection in these places, lest visitors accidentally slip to hurt! The existence of the three, see if any sharp objects investors need to see if the mobile water park, the park every day there is a sharp object or angular, lest visitors accidentally fell down upon. Of these objects to do hard to soften, edges and passivation. Four, the life-saving equipment bracket pool height had higher comparatively inflatable pool, water depth is deep. Bracket, therefore, the pool to be equipped with a sufficient number of life-saving equipment, such as the life buoy, survival suit, life-saving rod, etc. , to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Also give safety tips before visitors enter the water, recommend tourists carrying lifesaving equipment in the water can't swim. Five, the lifeguard to professional besides life-saving equipment, mobile water park site must also be equipped with a certain number of lifeguard, so that when a danger the tourists in a timely manner to deliver, which requires the selected lifeguards are professional. Additionally lifeguards are needed in the work clothes to eye-catching, so that people at risk but as soon as possible to the lifeguard for help. Six, fire prevention equipment necessary for mobile water mountain park after the official start of the business, customers are generally very hot. Therefore has the certain difficulty in management. The site configuration a certain quantity of fire extinguisher is indispensable. Or placed in a conspicuous position public service ads, to remind visitors to ban smoking, etc. Safety guidelines cannot little mobile water park is numerous, stream of people also is larger, there may be some safety propaganda does not reach the designated position. Therefore, investors must be at the scene of the park marked the location of the safety instructions, ensure that every visitors watching the safety guidelines rear can play in the park. Eight, to ensure that the tourists' property safety property safety guarantee is part to protect the safety of tourists, mobile water park for customers with special store content ark, let visitors will bring better personal belongings properly kept, also store items in place to set up monitoring, avoid the loss of goods. Recommended reading: snow park the necessary trend of the artifact that you have?
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