minion wreath

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-03
Did I mention that I like foam and little yellow people?
This is a mini Christmas wreath.
Material: Foamvboard, crayola dry foam, Ollie shop decorations, acrylic, hot glue and dollar store poster lights.
Measure the circle according to the size you want.
I drew the base and shape I wanted.
Make sure to shake your jar to maximize the amount of spray.
Did I tell you I like this bubble?
I did 2.
Be sure to choose your decorations before you place them and place them in your own leisure space, but if you want to set them up, just before it dries up.
This works better if you have a water bottle.
If you spray more water on the foam, the foam will swell.
I like the ending.
After drying, I applied it with white acrylic.
I think the white color looks too normal so I added some icing sugar.
It\'s a big mistake because it\'s dropped everywhere.
Good things, great things and decorations are waterproof and able to rinse them. I started with the stupid cut of a mini man on a foam board.
I added the crayola foam clay as the base color.
Another mistake.
This foam takes a long time to dry and breaks when it dries.
After that, I started using per méché more frequently.
As you can see, I drew all the details of the minion as I was able to cover up some cracks.
After drying, I installed the base on the foam wreath.
As I mentioned in the previous step.
I stuck the minion to the wreath and added the poster lights at the end.
This is my first foam wreath.
This is a learning experience.
This tutorial appears on my draft for the longest time.
Merry Christmas to you and hope you like it.
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