Millions of ocean ball booming, has gradually become the big shopping centres

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
Play is a set research and development, production, sales for the integration of large-scale amusement equipment production enterprise, specializing in the production of large children rushed off equipment, parents rushed off equipment, land children rushed off equipment, children rushed off carnival, stent pool, stents, pool, mobile water park, inflatable castles, inflatable slide, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming pool and other facilities equipment, 24 hours of unified national service hotline: 400 - 997 - 2223, welcome your inquiry! Just more than a year of time millions of Marine ball has gradually occupied the major shopping center in regrets it is moving so fast and we have to sigh, the influence of the children's market! From big shopping center to millions of Marine ball after the introduction of the project, the parents at the weekend to go shopping with Eva can also seems to go! Can also interact with your children to play, even improve the affection between parents and children. So shopping center + million ocean ball this business model can not only meet the demand of children's play, also can meet the shopping needs of the parents, compared to the professional playgroups, parents are also more willing to take children to the shopping center. And millions of ocean ball join project will bring enough traffic to the shopping center, increase the revenue. So millions of ocean ball momentum so rapidly is inevitable. From another perspective, the child is now the main household consumption, three families to raise a child, Mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, grandpa grandma) And so on to her children's consumption, they are responsive, for fear that their children suffer a little injustice, see other children playing, how willing to let their children behind. Millions of ocean ball as a can meet many people play games, can let more families to join in, share the joy. In addition, millions of sea ball park don't like clothing stores and shop goods receiving, investors management rise very convenient! So the market after the introduction of millions of ocean ball project, build good, just put your management late waiting to make money! This shows, the playground has probably will no longer be the parents only option, shopping center and will eventually replace or even become a professional children's amusement park!
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