Military tents on the structure of the basic types are

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Military tents to face all kinds of complex terrain and weather conditions, in the field can be firmly installed in the range of camping. Covers an area of big tent, support and fold tent campers are facing big problem. In the structural design of military tents and camping tents there are differences, here is a brief say military tents on the structure of basic types. 1, the roof tent structure roof tent structure is currently one of the military tents common type of tent. Tent roof type, mechanical structure can be simplified to a flat triangular prism, the bottom for a framework, both sides constitute a triangle, with the long pole is fixed at the top of the whole. This kind of simple structure, parts, interior space is large, suitable for use for a long time, but the installation and disassembly is more complex. Type roof tent become the basic structure of military tents. 2, the structure of the triangle tents in addition to the first structure, triangle tent structure is also a kind of common structure of military tents. Tent at the bottom of the structure of the triangle is a rectangular frame, four horns and spikes to facilitate the overall fixed, by the above two long curtain rod bending cross installation, intersections by cross tees in fixed long pole position, the overall framework will be set after waterproof fabrics can be fitted. This kind of structure is more strong, the quality is small, easy to carry. Triangle tent structure has become a common form of military tents. 3, type dome tent structure type dome tent structure is a structure type in recent years the rise of tent. This tent tent in the open at the top of the structure using the correlation of the connecting rod or open the supporting rod of tarpaulins, under normal circumstances, the open job using ordinary spring or air spring, so do not need too big. Type dome tent structure as a new tent structure, accepted by the market. Also is a kind of reliable military tent structure. The above three kinds of structure is the common type of the structure of three kinds of military tents. A tent as a special kind of temporary structures, exhibition withdraw quickly and easily, strong maneuverability, can use repeatedly, transportation convenient storage and low requirement for site characteristics, are widely used in military field. Quality guaranteed military tents servicemen will become a good assistant in the future. A: a: on disaster relief tents before use to do what kind of preparation for the next article: next up: military tents which provides the help for military activity?
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