Military tents manufacturer to tell you: the summer camping necessities

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
A hot and dry summer, city, is a good time to friends go out camping in summer. So what need to bring some summer camp? Today is the small make up by the military tent manufacturer to tell you. First camping before to remind everybody to want to make a piece of equipment list, your essential items ready. List should include: low air holes double tents, dampproof mat, sleeping bags, mosquito-repellent incense, sulfur, lighting equipment, etc. In general, low air holes double tent is the preferred items, because both the sea and mountains, night will exist & other; Big humidity, heavy dew & throughout; The problem. If the camp is two people can choose double tents, if it is 4 & ndash; Five people camping can choose two rooms one hall. In addition, still need to know is equipped with waterproof mat tents, waterproof performance will be better, can improve the moisture from the earth's surface. Novice camping sleeping bag is easy to ignore. Because in general, the warmer summer camps will be unless the elevations, really not much chance to drill into the sleeping bag. But the wild after all day and night temperature difference is bigger, so it's best to prepare the envelope bag, used as a quilt. Another easy to overlook the dampproof mat, thought tents have waterproof function is enough. In fact, dampproof mat can let the campers to lie down to rest in the night, well advised to choose a physical foaming product, avoid to produce peculiar smell. Conditional can choose to use automatic inflatable blow-up lilo as a dampproof mat, a more soft and comfortable. Lighting is very important for camping in the night, lighting can choose battery or gas lamps. If a battery is light, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries. Sulfur and pesticides is to spray around the campsite, prevent pests class entered the campsite hurt yourself. In addition, on the dress with relatively close long trousers advisable, can avoid mosquito bites and branches hanging. Shoes should choose fit antiskid outdoor sports shoes. Before you go to prepare enough water, food, and commonly used drugs, such as drive midge medicine, antidiarrheal, traumatic, etc. If outdoor camping with certain exploration, should also take two kinds of cutting tools. One kind is can accept discount of multi-function knife, with the butcher, bottle opener, tweezers, the hunter sickle, saws and other ten a variety of functions, convenient and practical. Broadsword should choose suitable for cutting wood, and in time of danger to hunt and kill animals, peeling with dagger or meniscus knife of big and heavy. You learned?
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