Military tents manufacturer to tell you: how to choose the camp

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Late spring the summer solstice, the scenery is just as well, with a lovely equipment tents, camping outdoors is a field trip, mountaineering adventure that all kinds of outdoor activities such as camping, it is worth actively advocate way of camping. It features: first of all, is the most close to nature, there is no way than to sleep in a tent with more close to nature, think about your body what is the earth instead of simmons, spring bed and cement floor, the door is open account all of nature, no concrete buildings keep out the line of sight of you, this is the real return to nature; Secondly, it is a happy-go-lucky, as long as three square meters of the ground beneath your feet, you can take a enough two people live & other; Throughout the home &; The lightest, and a tent only 1 kg or so, as long as there is to be sitting right beside it has a shade, shelter shelter of the house, can also help avoid the wind and snow, cold, etc. , it is our close partner of the field trip, with it we can safely travel; A third is the economic way of camping, travelling, save the costs of accommodation is most accommodation tents, can work it out: a good tent should be controlled in 450 yuan a top ( To 3) , the value of the use of available at least 50 times ( Late) Above, then a per capita cost for only 3 yuan, three yuan a night room charge is not very cheap, so tent accommodation is both cost-effective and health. Of course, the cost of these benefits is to advance investment and effort straps. Military tent manufacturer to tell you: the choice of campsites camping selection and construction of the camp is a big problem, relationship to the entire staff to rest in the choice of the camp is very exquisite, the following is a notice: close to the water: camping without water, rest nearly, the first thing is to choose the camp. Accordingly, when choosing a campsite in should be chosen near the stream, lake, pond, river, in order to get water. But not to camp in the floodplain, some rivers upstream power plant, have wide, small water flow during filling the beach, once the water will be filled with the beach, including some of the streams, usually small, once under the heavy rain, are likely to flood and flash flood, must pay attention to prevent this kind of problem, especially in the rainy season and prewarning of mountain torrents. Lee lee: camping in the wild, have to consider, especially in some valleys, the floodplain, should choose a place of lee camp. And pay attention to the tent door toward don't against the wind. Lee is also considered in the fire safety and convenience. Far cliffs: can not camp when camp under the cliff, this is very dangerous, once the mountain when the wind is strong, have the potential to stone, such as scraping, cause deaths and injuries. Near the village: what is the urgent matter to camp near the village of the villagers for help, in the absence of firewood, vegetables, food, and so on and so forth it is more important. Near the village is also a shortcut that close to the road, convenient team action and transfer. Shadow: if it is a need to live more than two days of camp, under the condition of good weather should choose a shady place to camp, such as under the trees and mountains in the north, it is best to according to the sun, rather than the shafts of the sun. So, if the rest during the day, the tent is not too hot. Lightning protection: in the rainy season or lightning district, the camp must not be tied in the highlands, down the next, or more isolated on the ground. That would be easy to move to lightning.
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