Military tents manufacturer to tell you: how to build the camp

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
The camp to select good after the camp to build. Especially for field camp, with a certain scale of the entire camp construction is particularly important, the following steps: a flat field: clean will have a good military camps, to remove stones, dwarf shrubs, such as various uneven, barbed, anything with sharp objects, such as uneven places available soil or grass bridge. If it is a piece of slope land, only the slope is not greater than 10 degrees are usually can be a campsite. Areas: a complete camp should be tent camping area, with the fire area, dining area, recreation area, water area ( Wash one's hands) , such as health zone area. The first to implement the first camp. In fire area should be from 0 to 15 meters above, just in case Mars burnt old tent. Dining area should be approached with fire area, in order to cooking and eating. Activities and entertainment district should be the downwind of repast area, to prevent dust pollution matter such as tableware, tent area and distance should be in 15 to 20 meters, to reduce the impact on sleep earlier companion. Health zone should be in the downwind of camping area, keep a certain distance with dining area, activity area. Water area should be in streams and rivers on the up and down two, respectively for the consumption of water in the upper area, section for use under water. Construction tent camping sites, such as several tents of tent camp area, in decorating a tent, should be paid attention to: first, should be a heading all the tents, namely the tent door will open, side by side in one direction. 2, not less than 1 m spacing should be maintained between tent, in the absence of necessary as far as possible don't tent wind rope, so as to avoid tripping. Three, if necessary, should set up a cordon ( Ditch) , camped out in the wild are likely to encounter dangerous animals or bad guys, of course, this possibility is very small. Can use lime, tar, etc excitant outside the tent camps to draw a circle of material that can prevent the intrusion of reptiles such as snakes. Or use electronic alarm system and other measures. Construction of repast area with fire: dining with general together with fire or similar place, this area is to a certain distance with the tent area, in case of burning Mars tents. Cooking place is the place that has a ridge, cross wall, best to dig building stove oven, picked up the fire should be piled up in the zone or the upper hand. Dining area has a best everyone sitting in the grass, & other; Table & throughout; Can use a piece of stone or Pacific Ocean is on the ground. “ Eat chair & throughout; Same with rocks is best, or sit on the floor, because the very harmful to human body, so you can use their own sleeping mat or substitute the air pillow, don't be frightened by this trouble, at least with a raincoat or plastic sheeting. Most of the meal time is when it gets dark, should consider the location of the lighting, lighting, whether to use natural gas or other means can illuminate larger range of lamps and lanterns should be put in the position, such as lamps and lanterns hanging in a tree, on a stone bench or do a chandelier hanging it up. Construction for water area: in the use of water, water intake is general in the water, toilet water and water should be separate, is like this water, water should be at the upstream, toilet water in downstream. If the lake is also to separate place, two kind of water should be from more than 10 meters. Because of the need for health it is. In addition, water passes through the beach area rocky shrub and what is more, there is no path, clean the reason should be pay attention during the day or night when the water is not convenient. Construction of health: health district is the players themselves on convenient place, if just one night accommodation, can build the pit, need not special, you can specify a convenient place for men and women. If the number of days or more accommodation over two days, namely should dig the pit, temporary toilet should be built in a secret place, trees don't have to pull the curtain around. More attention should be paid to cannot be built on pedestrians often place. If the toilet near streams, more can be built on the stream, tower nails two big pieces of wood on the stream, to build a smooth and a sense of security, you can be in the urine, and the urine directly discharged into streams, no worry will pollute rivers, small amount of waste will be biodegradable or by natural purification of rivers. If health district has been built, the urine should be built in the health area, and should not be full mountain drainage, and the streetscape. Construction area: entertainment can stay in dining area, after eating to clean out, if the space is big, can also create a plot of land alone, as long as the field leveling can, at the same time in the field, stumbling meet ( Dwarf tree) Things less, general cleaning, cleaning by playing some games should be defined in a circle protected rope lira, lest don't notice there was an accident.
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