michael wolff on why mueller didn\'t indict: trump was ready to \"blow up everything\"

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-17
When faced with a president and his allies who created their own reality, it is not an easy thing to tell the truth, in which truth and lies have no absolute meaning, they can eventually be exchanged.
Donald Trump does this on a personal level: he lied at least 10,000 times during his presidency.
Donald Trump recently continued to lie publicly in an interview with ABC\'s George Stephen Pouros, claiming that he had not tried to fire the special sunsell Robert Mueller.
This is not the case, as agreed by multiple sources and witnesses.
Trump also claims he can do whatever he wants under the Constitution: he clearly believes he is a king or emperor.
This is also a lie.
Instead of giving the president that power, the constitution was drafted by the constitutional maker with the aim of stopping the instigators and the potential --
A tyrant like Donald Trump.
Trump told his followers not to believe in their eyes and ears, nor in the news media, but in him.
In Trump\'s political cult, he is the final arbiter of reality and facts.
This represents Orwell\'s warning of \"1984\" in the Trump era.
In general, Trump doctrine is both a form of collective narcissism and a collective illusion for its leaders and followers.
To answer these questions, I recently interviewed Michael Wolfe, a controversial journalist, writer and biographer for Newsweek, USA Today and Vanity Fair
Wolf is the author of many books including the best-selling book \"fire and anger: Inside Trump\'s White House.
\"He continues the story in his new book siege: Trump is under attack.
\"The conversation was edited by length and clarity.
My conversation with Michael Wolfe can also be heard by the players below.
If someone had written the story of Trump as president into a novel, would you believe it looks so dreamy and impossible?
I will solve this problem in a different way.
This is a very good story.
Before you make them credible, all the good stories are incredible in a sense.
To some extent, Trump is a typical example.
US President Donald Trump is a madman.
Donald Trump is a neuropathy.
This is something to be afraid.
What Americans and the world do not realize about Donald Trump is the nature of this madness.
It is self-centered, lack of attentionlike and self-centered.
Is Donald Trump making everyone around him sick and sick, allowing them to act horribly, or is Donald Trump just a reflection of deeper issues in the US, and a third possibility.
Donald Trump is totally abnormal.
He is a man we have never seen in the United States.
Imagine a person who has been living a complete external life for 45 years.
For years, there has been no private life, no family, no intimacy.
He doesn\'t care either.
I once met Trump in New York and every night he would be outside like a shark and go through these parties.
He is seeking recognition and attention.
In Woody Allen\'s movie celebrity, Trump plays himself.
In the movie, he is a famous man without soul.
There is nothing mysterious about who and what Donald Trump is.
Does Donald Trump really exist? He seems to be a human cartoon character who has now become president.
Donald Trump is an actor.
His greatest success in life is not in the real estate industry, but as a reality show actor.
Trump is also a bit crazy in my opinion.
This may be due to organic distractions in his brain, or he drives himself crazy in the pursuit of attention.
Sometimes the actors do the same.
But Donald Trump is a more extreme example because he has to do more to get all the attention.
He spent more time.
This is a lucky situation.
Trump was not supposed to be president of the United States, so he was pushed into a fictional role.
So I think you can say that he doesn\'t exist.
As president of the United States, of course.
From all the signs, Donald Trump is rarely alone.
If a person is never alone, there is no time to criticize himself. reflection.
The concept of critical self
There is no reflection and Donald Trump.
If Trump\'s time is not filled up by someone else, or if he doesn\'t talk to someone else or does a monologue,
He is watching TV.
There is no moment of silence.
There is no time for Trump to be alone.
Another surreal aspect of Donald Trump is that he literally listens to TV.
It\'s like Fox News is telling him what to do, but he\'s blindly obeying.
The president should push the agenda, not by television figures and right-wing people.
Wing entertainment machine.
There may be a glimmer of hope there.
If someone tells Trump what to do, he can\'t actually hear it.
That\'s not to say Trump really has the ability to do anything. No.
1. he has no real goal but to pay attention to himself.
He has no real ability to track things from one moment to the next.
When I go to Europe to talk about my book Fire and anger, I get all the questions about Trump staring at a war: whether he will take catastrophic military action, it is not impossible for more rational people to avoid my reaction, except that modern warfare is a very complicated thing and it is very data --driven.
Donald Trump has no complexity.
It was a nightmare for him to stay in the room and have to make a decision.
For Trump, it is a nightmare to have to think about what the impact of a large set of data may be.
He \'d actually rather do the opposite.
In fact, he did the opposite to the situation in North Korea.
This is not a situation where politicians create war to distract.
North Korea is an example of a politician who created peace to distract people from other things.
In fact, it is not peace now,
This is not a war.
The situation in North Korea is exactly the same as when Trump threatened them in a variety of militant languages.
Now, he embraced North Korea in a variety of comforting words.
But there has been no change in the local situation.
It\'s just the spin Trump weaves around it.
We should not deny Trump\'s agency and responsibility for his actions.
But when writing two books from the Trump White House, you reach out to a lot of people.
Whether Donald Trump is being manipulated by Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, the rich who just want more tax cuts, Christian nationalists and other opportunistic, who are trying to manipulate Trump.
But there\'s a special upside down hope here that you can\'t really manipulate Donald Trump.
He won\'t listen.
He can\'t absorb information.
He is completely disinterested in the desires and opinions of others.
So there is very little to get through his filter.
Sometimes, what does affect him.
However, this is not a lot of information and will not last for a long time.
How do you write a book about the Trump White House and his cabal, when the people closest to Trump are so fundamentally dishonest, Donald Trump himself publicly lied to the president at least 10,000 times in his time.
When we deal with these people, how do we find out the truth from the novel and how do we make the true narrative. There are two questions here.
How do you choose the source you want to trust, and I think it\'s just starting with getting to know these people.
Look at what their records are, tell you the information that later turns out to be true, just like any relationship, how do you believe it, but the other part of the story is about the distance you are always away from reality.
Whether you leave reality because someone is lying to you or because the subject you wrote does not recognize reality.
Another possibility is: because they are untied in time and space, what is the main reason for reshaping reality itself? Or because the truth doesn\'t matter to them, if the person is just lying about everything, Trump always seems to have survived the Mueller report, even with William Barr\'s edits.
However, Trump\'s soldiers.
Mainly because there are now different standards for Trump\'s behavior.
Now it\'s about what he can get away.
Trump has escaped his entire career.
All the presidents set up bars in different ways.
The bar is to complete part of their agenda;
This is about their place in history;
This is about starting again. elected.
At this level, Trump\'s bar is designed to get rid of his bad behavior.
Miller\'s report is incredibly frustrating, but Trump, for now at least, seems to have escaped it all.
Trump is a survivor. His life is to fight for another day.
It has nothing to do with his reputation or achievements.
This is certainly not Trump\'s place in history.
What Donald Trump ultimately matters is not to go to jail.
If you turn yourself into someone that no one understands, then no outsider can play what you will do, what your reactions and actions will be.
No one can count on your response.
Such people are scary.
Mueller thinks Donald Trump is wearing some sort of suicide vest.
If Mueller pushes Donald Trump into the corner, he will blow everything up.
Donald Trump will join him in overthrowing America\'s political system.
Trump will overthrow the Justice Department.
Trump does not care.
For someone like Robert Miller, this is the reality he has to face.
Mueller might think, \"I have to face the fact that someone who is as powerful as me, or more, this power can be used in a way that might hurt everyone in a larger way.
\"Robert Mueller believes that getting Donald Trump to run out of the clock is much better than giving Trump the opportunity and reason to destroy everything, the country\'s political institutions.
During my years of writing and interviewing Donald Trump, I have been trying to warn the public that Robert Mueller believes in American political institutions.
As a result, Mueller will only accept his findings and findings so far.
You\'re right.
After Miller\'s report came out, Steve Bannon said to me, \"never send Marines to work as killers.
Robert Mueller is an institutional.
He plays by book.
He follows the rules.
What Robert Miller sees is more than just his mission to get Donald Trump.
In your new book siege: Trump is under attack, you claim that Robert Mueller actually wrote a draft document accusing Donald Trump of obstructing justice.
It was clear that Mueller decided not to go this way.
Why didn\'t noty know what Robert Miller was thinking.
Mueller\'s investigation has been closed for two years.
This is a bit strange in itself.
Miller came out and said: \"the report itself illustrates the problem.
\"In fact, the report is not very clear.
I may not know what Robert Miller is thinking, but I do know that in the documents I have, there is a set of research papers on the nature of the Office of the special adviser itself.
The documents concluded that the office of the special adviser was a rather fragile structure.
Whether or not the president of the United States can dismiss the researchers directly concluded that \"yes.
\"If the office of the special adviser is closed, what happens to the work product, the answer is not clear.
But could Miller\'s findings be destroyed in this case?
So I think Mueller is starting to focus on his weaknesses.
I think Mueller sees here that his goal is not just to hold Donald Trump accountable, but also not to be fired.
Because if Mueller is fired, then he cannot hold Trump and his core circle accountable in any way.
Keep in mind that there are people in the special prosecutor\'s office, such as Andrew Weisman, who is one of the most active suitors of white people.
White collar criminals
The team of the special counsel worked out the indictment that they thought might be possible, and then put forward the argument of the special counsel, which is completely logical --
Despite the Justice Department\'s policies
In fact, the incumbent president can be prosecuted.
So, I think at the end of the day, Miller decided, \"Let\'s keep doing business.
\"Miller\'s decision was actually Delphic, not the prosecution.
How do you think Trump\'s presidency will end and if forced to leave, Trump will even leave. Trump will not lose himself.
So if it looks like he\'s going to lose, Trump will announce the victory and withdraw.
As some have speculated, will Donald Trump because General Mehmet Donald Trump\'s mission is to attract attention to himself.
So, yes, Trump will be an impressive or incredible voice.
Trump will not disappear until he dies or goes to jail.
As we have always been, our American people and the world stand with Donald Trump.
If Democrats impeach Donald Trump, what advice would you give Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders, and it is important to take back the layers of Donald Trump.
I would like someone to do this in a very organized way.
The financial history of Donald Trump.
What Donald Trump has done since January.
2017, to stop the people who tried to investigate him.
What is happening in the Middle East as the Trump family and the Kushner family try to arrange future financing for themselves.
Nancy Pelosi and Congress should announce all this to the public.
They have the opportunity to tell the story of Donald Trump in another way, and I think it could be a more powerful way.
We need to see the smoke guns.
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