mercedes-benz’s new esf concept is the world’s safest car

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Mercedes-Benz ESF concept Source: provide pictures of ESF 2019 as a shopping cart-
Full of spills. This one-
From Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz is full of ideas to improve car safety in the future, not only for people inside the car, but also for other road users.
\"We certainly have a lot of ideas about safety innovation,\" said Rodolfo Schoeneburg, head of the German brand for vehicle safety for the past 20 years.
\"This is one of the reasons for the construction of ESF 2019.
We did this to show our ideas and concepts to Mercedes\'s security experts.
To further improve security, Mercedes-Benz is currently under development.
\"Photos of Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz ESF concept Source: provide the first letter \"ESF\" for the German words of the Experimental Safety Vehicle \".
Earlier this month in Stuttgart, home of Mercedes
Mercedes, the purpose of this concept is to show hard
Core engineering, not softcore style.
Just take a look at the ESF 2019 and see that it is based on the company\'s current GLE model.
But with some of the smartest people in Mercedes, large SUVs have been widely changed, both inside and outside
Mercedes has joined their most innovative ideas.
Last Mercedes-Benz-
Ten years ago, Mercedes did such a thing. Using a big S-
ESF 2009, based on Class limo, previewed safety features that were put into production in the following years, and others that were not put into production.
In the past 10 years, the pace of changes in automotive technology has accelerated.
The big problem that is coming now is autonomous driving.
One of the main purposes of ESF 2019 is to show that Mercedes is fully prepared for the upcoming self-driving car
Driving ability, part or alltime.
Some of the progress involved issues that most ordinary drivers would not even consider.
For example, how does a computer-driven car work with other road users?
But ESF 2019 also shows many ideas for improving existing security settingsups.
This includes a new airbag design that adds rear safetyPassenger seat.
Other ESF 2019 innovations include simple on-
Add clever new features to the computer.
Now, let\'s take a look at the best things in Stuttgart\'s innovative shopping cart . . . . . .
The ESF vehicle can let other drivers know what mode it is running in.
Source: The fully automatic car provided can be driverless.
Even in part-time self-
Driving a car closer to the market does not guarantee that the driver will always pay attention to what is happening outside.
The solution for Mercedes is to let the car itself communicate.
The screen built into the ESF 2019 grille and rear window can display colors, symbols, information and animations.
Four circular lights at the top of the four roof of the vehicle-
The installed sensor emits turquoise light, indicating that it isdriving mode.
After a study in 2018, Mercedes-
Mercedes-Benz believes that as an autonomous color, turquoise should be adopted worldwide.
Using multiple sensors required for self-driving, Mercedes engineers have found a way to use the time between Hazard and impact detection, and the best example is pre-
Rear safety impulse.
If a stationary vehicle is about to hit from the back, it will automatically accelerate quickly to the space available in front.
This creates additional parking space for the upcoming car, while pressing passengers on their seats to reduce the chance of neck injuries.
The surge in the right time and speed also reduces the severity of the impact.
This is expected to be seen in the new models soon. Pre-
Safe side light those bright stripes are bright not only when the light shines, but also in the dark.
This technology uses a varietylayer light-emitting paint.
If the sensor of the car detects that another driver clearly does not find the ESF 2019, such as at an intersection without lights at night, the stripes will flash out of an unmissed look --at-me signal.
Overall driver\'s seat at consepp Square
The steering wheel of the ESF 2019 is the most obvious part of the new steering wheel --
Mercedes-looking driving location
Mercedes thinks the best car and self
Driving ability.
Steering for equipment-by-
Wire technology, just turn 180 degrees.
The instrument can be seen better while driving, and when the vehicle is in autonomous mode, the instrument retracts back to the dashboard for extra space.
For the same reason, the pedal retracts back to the floor at the same time.
The bigger dash-
Install front airbags, side airbags mounted on both sides of the back and built-in seat belts
Round protection, even if the driver recline the seat to take a nap while the car is driving.
Photo of Mercedes-Benz\'s connected child seat-
Mercedes-Benz ESF concept Source: The idea was developed in partnership with Britax Roemer, designed for children 105 cm tall and four years old. The battery-powered Wi-
The built-in fi connection of the seat communicates with the safety sensor of the car.
When you feel the danger, the seat will hold down five-
In order to reduce the damage, the seat belt is tighter.
An additional USB link adds diagnostic and warning features that are displayed on the central screen of the dashboard.
When still, it displays a video image of the small occupant.
When in motion, a simple icon indicates the state of the child-
Be alert, fall asleep or restless.
Mercedes-Benz rear airbagPhoto-
Mercedes-Benz ESF concept Source: provides a good reason why the front airbag of the rear seat passenger should not explode like the front.
Gentle deployment means that the risk of installing passengers facing the back of the seat is reduced, and their age, size and degree of proximity to the bag may vary greatly. Mercedes-
Mercedes has developed a new airbag for rear passengers.
It uses a tubular frame inflated with compressed gas instead of an explosive pyrotechnics.
The really smart part of the design is the space between the frame bars.
The side wall will immediately \"Breathe In\" and capture the surrounding air. Mercedes-
Mercedes applied for a patent for the car.
Breathing material.
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