may the fourth be with you: fans celebrate star wars day

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-10
From dressing up as a Commando to running a movie marathon, fans celebrated Star Wars Day on Wednesday, giving everything to the blockbuster sci-fi movie --fi franchise.
Star Warsenthusiasts shout or post \"be with you on May 4\" on social media, a day to celebrate the legend of space, the buzzword of the movie \"May the original force be with you
\"In Taipei, fans dress up as their favorite characters, including the leading actress Lei, Chewbacca, the stormtrooper and the Jedi in the latest force awakening movie, inflatable R2
D2 and Jabba, Hutt.
In Malaysia, the replica of Han Solo\'s Millennium Falcon ship was built with more than 200,000 Lego blocks --
On this occasion.
Fans also shared toast from Star Wars photos to artwork, cupcakes to some movie character shapes on social media.
May 4 with you
like these Star Wars cups-
In particular, the use of Oreo :-)Perhaps we\'ll. . .
StarWarsDay today for all working empires. pic. twitter.
Happy StarWarsDay !
maythe4thbewith you
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