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by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-27
Massage is easy to do and fun.
You don\'t need any training to give your partner a completely satisfying massage, although you can provide some excellent books and videos if you want to get more guidance.
As the first course of sex games, giving a massage to each other will add to your entire experience.
Both partners are able to relax, leave the world and be together.
Through massage, the body of a woman begins to awaken --
Her sexy side gets the time and attention she needs to be \"in a good mood.
A person whose body is relaxed so that energy flows more freely can last longer.
You can do a massage anywhere.
Bed, floor, sofa
But the most comfortable thing for a masseur is a table about hip height.
It is unlikely that you will have a portable massage table at home, but you do have a kitchen or table.
They have strong mats, foam mats, and even an air mattress on top of the sheet cover, which is a good massage surface.
If the kitchen or dining room doesn\'t have as much privacy as you want, move the table into your bedroom.
Dry massage-
No oil, no wet. with oil.
The magical lubricants fill the market.
Seasoning, fragrance, tasteless, edible, heated, tingling-take your pick.
You can also make your own oil with light vegetable oil, such as red flowers, sunflowers, poached oil or rapeseed --
Add your own essential oils to create the fragrance you like.
This is Al\'s refreshing and slightly spicy recipe for massage oil in Tantra\'s kit for our loved one weekend. 4 oz. canola oil (
Or above)
4 drops of ylang essential oil 1-
2 drops of black pepper essential oil (
1 in summer and 2 in winter)1-
2 drops of sage essential oil (
1 in winter and 2 in summer)
No matter which product you choose for a full body massage, it is best to use water-
Lubricant for massage of female genitals.
Other lubricants can clog her pores and cause vaginal infection.
Excerpts from our book of tanzong and The Book of karma.
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