maoists blow up culvert in bhadrachalam agency

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-16
Status bandh of CPI call (Maoist)
In protest against what they call the madness of \"killing\" in the Danda calania forest area, the Maoists blew up a culvert on bhadasialam --
The Chala Expressway is about 45 km kilometers away from the temple town bhadabad Alam of satanayana pram in Chala Mandal in the early hours of Friday.
The incident took place a few kilometers from the border village of Telangana, Kaliveru --
The Chhattisgarh border where the CRPF camp is located.
Followed by a similar event in which the left-
On April 24, wing extremists blew up a low-water culvert in the village of Pedamidisileru in the same mandal.
Suspected they detonated explosives at about 2 in the morning to blow up the culvert. m.
The impact of the explosion was so strong that about 5 feet of the crater was created on one side of the road.
The traffic on the busy highway was interrupted for some time.
In related development, Mao sent out his hand
In the village of Gogubaka in the same mandal, a written poster was posted condemning the recent district of Bijapur in gadleh and Chhattisgarh in Maharashtra
Tensions broke out in the remote tribal areas of the bhadabad Alam agency, adding police and CRPF groups of task forces throughout the forest area to track Maoist rebels.
In the 2006 incident, the Maoists blew up a telephone switch and in 2014 tried to blow up a mobile phone tower in satarayanapeland, but in vain.
The source added that the gangsters robbed Rs 10 rupees from a local branch of a state-owned bank in the same village on September 2009.
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