many auto dealers routinely deny loaner cars to customers waiting for fix to deadly airbags

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-25
When Robert Torres of La Habra, California purchased a used Mustang from a car dealer in 2014, he did not expect it to have potential fatal defects.
On May 2016, Ford carried out a safety recall of Takada airbags on the driver\'s side, which was related to serious casualties.
When Torres took his car to repair it, the dealer replaced the airbag but told him that the replacement part was not available.
On July 2016, Ford recalled the defective Takata airbag on the passenger side again.
On December 2017, Ford issued a notice to Torres warning him not to let anyone sit in the seat until the passenger seat is fixed.
The problem is that Ford still has no parts to fix the airbag.
Ford dealers have promised Torres a car on loan, but although Torres and others have called dealers and Ford Motor companies and sent letters many times, the promise has never been fulfilled.
Torres said he often called the dealer to ask when the parts were ready, but he was told that there were no parts and he could only wait.
\"Ford refuses to disconnect airbags, provide customers with rental cars, and even refuse to be responsible for defects,\" said Torres, who owns a moving and building company . \".
Although he has paid more than $10,000 for the Mustang\'s car loan, Torres refused to drive.
\"I don\'t want to put anyone\'s life at risk,\" he said . \".
Torres is one of the tens of millions of Americans who buy Takata airbag cars, which could explode in a car accident like a grenade.
Although the airbag explosion is rare, at least 22 people have been killed and hundreds injured and disfigured worldwide.
Nearly 100 million airbags, 70 million of them in the United States, have been recalled, making the recall the largest in car history.
According to Consumer Reports, only about 16 million cars have been repaired so far, leaving tens of millions of dangerous cars on the road.
11 automakers, including Ford, who do not have enough loan policies \"are putting their customers at risk of death or terrible harm,\" Senate staff report on the Takata airbag crisis March 2018
In response to an email, Elizabeth weigent, Ford\'s security communications manager, wrote: \"Security is our top priority . \".
\"Ford Motor is providing loan vehicles in the event that certain vehicles belonging to Takada\'s recall are provided with replacement inflators. She advised you. S.
Ford Customer Relations Center (see below).
Asked why Torres did not get a car on loan, the Ford representative did not comment.
\"Outrageous\" is Rosemary Shahan, founder and president of automotive reliability and safety consumers (CARS)
Describes Ford\'s reaction to Torres and other consumers seeking to rent a car.
When discussing owners waiting to replace airbag components, she said, \"automakers should provide safe loan cars to all customers and make sure they don\'t have safety recall defects . \".
\"They should also ensure that car owners do not encounter obstacles in obtaining safety and insecurity.
Alternative shipping costs.
\"A scandal that won\'t let the borrower\'s car crash is the latest phase of the Takata airbag recall, and about a decade ago, many automakers adopted cheaper Takata airbags, although scientists warn that they are not safe.
Takata executives later admitted to covering up defects in airbags and vandalizing test data.
Early in the recall, customers can repair their vehicles in time for free.
The crisis deepened.
By 2016, tens of millions of cars had been recalled and there were not enough parts to move around.
Takada, who declared bankruptcy on June 2017, said it could not produce enough replacement parts to repair all recalled vehicles until 2020.
Prior to that, automakers could make their customers complete by offering loan cars, but most automakers refused to do so.
Only 6 of the 17 automakers involved in Takada\'s recall-
BMW, Fiat, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota--
According to Senate reports commissioned by Senator Richard Blumenthal and Edward J. , develop adequate loan car policies for customers waiting for vehicle repairsMarkey.
The report urges dealers to provide loan cars to all customers waiting for airbags.
Consumer protection groups agree.
\"Manufacturers who make vehicles with safety defects should not be allowed to bet on the lives of customers,\" Joe Ridout said in consumer action . \", The World Health Organization says reluctant automakers should follow Honda\'s example and guarantee their dealers will receive compensation for loan cars.
The Senate report states that many consumers have been waiting for a recall remedy for months or years.
Nevertheless, even if the official policy of the car makers allowed, many dealers flatly refused to offer loan cars.
In North Texas, angry car owners have waited nearly two years for Ford and other automakers to replace potentially fatal airbags.
Sharon otree didn\'t realize her 2011 Lincoln MKZ was defective until July 2016, when she received a letter warning that the airbag could cause injury or even death, but it will not be possible to find the parts to repair it until the spring of 2018. (
Lincoln Motor is a subsidiary of Ford Motor. )
Speaking to the local network alliance NBC5, Autry called the letter \"ridiculous \".
Autry told reporters on April that local car dealers \"said there was nothing they could do \".
\"I asked if we could rent a car. They said no.
I asked if we would get any compensation. They said no.
Ford also responded the same way, she added. (
Update: After the first TV story aired, Autry received a call from a Ford representative who said the company would drive her a rental car. )
But judging by angry tweets and emails from angry car owners, such success stories seem to be exceptions, not rules.
Maria Hernández wrote on Twitter to Lincoln Motor on April 25, 2018: \"Three years later, I still haven\'t replaced the defective Takata airbag.
After many promises to replace or rent a car . . . . . . I still can\'t take my grandson or anyone else in a useless car.
The promise is not fulfilled!
Asked in the email about the case of herndez, the Ford representative did not comment.
The fear and frustration of car owners consumers buying \"free\" loan cars from rental companies during the waiting period can sometimes be hit by huge deposits, which can put pressure on their finances.
Drivers under the age of 25 are particularly difficult because many rental companies do not rent them and do not require additional surcharges.
Even the most tenacious consumers-
Some of them have recruited federal agencies in their fight to rent cars ---
Very depressed.
Jolin Viga, a friend of Robert Torres, plans to share his Mustang and help him finish 4-
To repair the Takata airbag he recalled, he fought for a year.
She sent me a stack of letters from them with local Ford dealers, Ford Motors, California Department of Justice, consumer financial protection, the California attorney general and the automobile repair bureau, and a copy of the certified mail seal, tracking number and proof of receipt for each letter.
\"When I called Ford to explain [
Missing replacement parts
\"Asked if they could help in any way, the representative said Ford\'s only responsibility was to send a recall letter,\" Vega said . \".
She added that the representative said she should \"treat her recalled vehicle with care as much care as the stranger you let into your home \".
A local dealer promised Fernando Torres a car on loan and then gave his word.
Vega also wrote four letters to Ford Motor and attached the required documents, but none of them were successful.
Torres was unable to repair the recalled car and eventually classified it as \"unoperable \".
Ironically, Ford\'s representative testified at a Senate hearing that the company had parts to repair faulty airbags.
\"Where are they then?
Law professor Alexander Brandman asked, he will be the global car
A security advocate who flew to Washington for the hearing and filed a statement in public records.
Brangman has deep personal reasons for his impassioned movement.
On September 7, 2014, he was watching a football match. two policemen knocked on his door. His 26-year-
The old daughter, Jewell, had a fatal car accident. Bronman jewelry-
A model, gymnast and gymnast teacher are preparing for a PhD in home therapy, and she sent her father a favorite text message a few hours ago.
She rented a 2001 Honda Civic drive from San Diego to Los Angeles, but in a slight fender bend, the car\'s defective Takada airbag exploded and metal shrapnel cut off
Brangman filed a wrong death lawsuit against Honda, Japan Takada and the car rental company that rented its daughter, Honda Civic, which was settled out of court and the company\'s presence was public
Since then, he has devoted his life to raising public awareness of this issue of public safety and is satisfied with the high volume of attention and support.
\"My daughter is the light of my life,\" Brangman said . \".
\"I can\'t sit back when more meaningless deaths happen.
According to NHTSA, airbags are being repaired in priority order-that is, vehicle models and areas where airbags are most likely to explode are first repaired.
Earlier this year, NHTSA warned 2006 Ford Rangers and Mazda B-
The series truck airbags are at a higher risk of cracking in the crash and come with a \"non-driving\" consultation, noting that both Ford and Mazda have agreed to offer leased vehicles. (Ford advises U. S.
Customer contact their customer relations Center Tel: 866-436-
7332-800 in Canada65-3673. )
If you are not sure if your car or truck has a defective Takata airbag, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)at NHTSA.
Government, see if your car or truck has been recalled.
The vehicle identification number you are prompted to search (VIN).
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