Managing large inflatable toys before you need to know what

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
Business what do you need to know before large inflatable toys large inflatable toys children paradise place large amusement equipment, the development of major cities in China is booming now. But despite good venue locations external conditions, the operator must strengthen what aspects of the knowledge skills? Operating large inflatable toys is a big investment, so our mind must be in place, the investment is risky, a pay a harvest, how much do you know about whether large inflatable toys? What are some configuration inside the large inflatable toys? The price is how to calculate? What kind of design style is best for children, children are interested in what kind of amusement equipment? Put money aside, managing large inflatable toys should have what knowledge? What kind of large inflatable toys position is more appropriate to choose? Choose a good site is more important, the site chosen well, is half the success, how to select the site of factory? We can consider other amusement park successful case, to share some of their successful experience first, from the city, usually said, the first-tier cities stores open some more easily than first-tier cities. Big city competition, a lot of places have this kind of project, combined with the rent is high, traffic dispersion, the cost is a lot more. Even if the business is good, that a total of how much profit. Because the cost is cheaper, and second-tier cities now, all the children's consumption around the plus a small city but more competition, the overall down is big cities even better. Then, we all know that shopping malls supermarkets inside is good, can store or a supermarket, after all, is limited, if there is no such field, we choose the community stores or next to the entrance of the shopping malls, supermarkets open session is very good, we can also in traffic was more concentrated outside the square, income is very wide. How to choose the equipment? What kind of is suitable for large inflatable toys? Safety is more important, only the kid's safety guaranteed you amusement park in virtually improve the quality and the grade, the second is interesting and colour. A good amusement equipment manufacturer, not only to have formal qualifications, and pay attention to many details, the company also should have certain scale, have many years of experience technicians and workers. So when choosing the large inflatable toys inside the equipment, compare to must choose quality high-grade safer, such ability for your amusement park leads to quality assurance in the invisible, intangible, word-of-mouth publicity for your amusement park, if your amusement park safety potential quality problems, bring children personal safety problems, and affect your image of amusement park. Another is your interest and colour is lively and bright colors to a amusement park more suitable for children to play healthy comfortable environmental protection design concept will be more suitable for children to play. Children's large inflatable toys inside the main project has the trampoline, ocean ball pool, gliding, wooden bridge, chain bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbine, cannon, cartoon every other row of cars, air balloon, coconut trees, water bed, house, carousel, time travel, happy octopus, inflatable jumping bed, water slides, water roller, pirate ship, mini wave devices such as turntable animals. Large inflatable toys is calculated according to the inside of the configuration, not calculated according to the square of large inflatable toys, configuration is different, the price is different also. Large inflatable toys large children what is order process: 1. The intention to customers, provide the corresponding size chart for the company. 2, the company according to the customer site and price requirements, free design. 3, supply and demand both sides negotiate and solution were determined. 4, sign contracts and the demand side to pay the supplier 30% deposit, the supplier will arrange production after receiving the deposit. 5, the production is completed, the supplier to arrange shipment, goods to the buyer to pay 60% payment for goods, product installation is complete, on the day of acceptance, the buyer pay the balance. 6, after-sales service, to provide guidance, consumables supply cost price for a long time, large products ( Large plastic parts, steel tube) One year warranty
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