man on wire: the \'criminal artist\' who walked on air

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Today, 40 years ago, shortly after seven o\'clock A. M. , French Philippe Pettit stepped onto a high wire hanging between the twin towers of New York, passing through 450.
45 minutes of electric cable.
He is only 24 years old and has fulfilled his ambition in life.
Since he first read about the construction of the World Trade Center in the Journal of Dental Surgery, he has always had a dream.
\"It\'s a long story: When I first thought about the idea, the towers weren\'t even built,\" Petit said . \" Later today in New York, he is preparing to celebrate his 1974 performance with another high-altitude walk.
\"The real show is the highlight of my life and it\'s very impromptu;
Six goals-and-a-
Plan and go to New York, discover towers, climb secretly, and get information like a spy for half a year. . .
When I finally found myself there, I was like a little child, so impatient and so happy.
\"But there are some miracles.
God is with me.
Man\'s stomach-
People who stir a freestyle airbag to jump on wires and high wires: people walking in the clouds \"people on wires\" plan a new 10 most spectacular modern stunts on footet-
In August 1949, Petit fell in love with magic and rock climbing when he was very young.
By the age of 16, he had taken his first step on the high wires, and soon after, he began his life as a street performer.
He was also expelled from five schools.
\"The world is yours when you are young.
You can do the impossible.
I follow my passion, my dream.
\"Pettit calls it\" Century art crime \"and is the subject of the outstanding 2008 documentary\" people on the line \"directed by British James Marsh.
Another movie, walk, starring Joseph Gordon
Levitt and Ben Kingsley are currently in production and will be released on October 2015.
Is he ready for the new round of attention this walk will bring?
\"I will never be a prey for celebrities because I am too busy,\" he said . \".
\"I have other things to do besides looking in the mirror.
Philip Petti hosted a steel cord class in New York, and the 2010 Petti journey from dental surgery to the World Trade Center was both arduous and spectacular.
He has formed a team of friends, colleagues and people who like illegal activities and is committed to learning all his knowledge of architecture and architecture.
At the same time, he made a high-wire walk between the towers of Paris Notre cathedral, including in other notable places, for artistic preparation, between the two north towers of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The project is not so much a show as a robbery.
Petit, pretending to be a French journalist, entered the roof of the Twin Towers during the recce mission and found that an insider was able to help him forge a security pass.
Before the walk, he often observed the coming and going situation at WTC.
26-the process of rigging
The foot line is full of danger and complexity.
But when the sun rises in the summer of 1974, the stage is finally ready for PeTI\'s moment.
\"My time is always separate when I am ready to walk the wire.
First of all, I dream, technically and artistically, and then I go to work, I am the master of climbing trees and ladders and architecture.
Only in this way can I change my hat and become a performer.
He described the walk as \"a theater in the sky \".
\"I was born in a world of opera, theater, film, poetry, art, and so I made a stage.
And that\'s why they call me the artist of Tron.
Patty crossed the wire eight times.
When he sat down for the first time, then lay down and stared at the sky, the crowd gathered below panting.
In his book, to the cloud (since re-
The name on the wire is Man)
He described the last moments of his walk with proper purple prose: As I approached the edge of the building, a group of arms reached out to help me take the last step. Hey!
I don\'t need help!
My performance is not over yet! I come about.
Behind me, the arm pulled back.
I joined the long wires for a \"Tolero walk\", taxiing my feet, taking the pole off my body, and the head was high.
Each new intersection creates a new walk, interrupted by fragile balance, sincerity and greetings from time to time.
I sat down again.
I lay down again.
But I have been in these places long enough.
God may lose patience.
I bid farewell to the sky in New York: by running on the wire shaking with allegresse, the curtain of the most wonderful performance ever performed on the streets has been opened --
Juggling/wandering/high-wire artist.
When Pettit finally got off the wire, he was arrested by the waiting police.
But as the knowledge of what he manages begins to go deep into the hearts of the people, it is also recognized that it is impossible for him to be punished.
In exchange for performing for children in Central Park, all charges were dismissed.
\"If you look at the newspapers or the reports of politicians, artists, critics, the people of New York at the time, you will find that it is actually seen as a fresh air, just after Nixon resigned.
\"New Yorkers initially had a hard time falling in love with the twin towers, and they criticized the mediocrity of two huge rectangular buildings.
The situation changed after his performance, Pettit said: \"It was surprising that the towers were never accepted.
Most people don\'t like them, they are inhuman, so people say I give them humanity, and I give them the measure of humanity by dancing between them.
This is the biggest compliment for a tightrope walker.
\"Philip Petti hosted the crowd at the first annual Turtle dance in New York, and 2013 of those who came into contact with the cloud at such a young age are now living like this?
The past 40 years has been a slow decline. climax?
\"Nothing has changed. I am the same.
There is a strange chemistry that makes me very young as I get older, \"said Petit, who is 65 next week.
\"I refuse to grow up, and my mind is always jumping to the next project, the next book, the next high-altitude walk.
I wake up every morning frustrated because there is not enough time in the day to do what I want to do.
Petit still practice a three-hour high-altitude walk every day and will be attending the heads up event today!
This is the 40 th anniversary of his secret World Trade Center walk high wire celebration.
His passion apparently continued to burn strongly;
Will he hang the rope?
\"I will never retire.
I don\'t know what holiday means.
It is such a happy thing for me that I will do it all the time until my body refuses to respond to my wishes.
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