man at large, employee arrested in connection with sky zone robbery

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-02
An employee at Sky district trampoline park has been charged with armed robbery at the park at the end of October.
Police are also looking for a man in Morris County who was involved in the robbery.
Officials say he is dangerous to carry weapons.
Monique Valentine, 38year-
Old employees of the Sky Zone in Linden were arrested last week, allegedly plotting with Jaime L to rob the park on Haidley Road
According to a police statement, horn, 40, is from Flom Park.
Authorities say Valentine helped Horn in many ways on the day of the robbery.
However, it is not clear how big her role is.
During the robbery, horn, armed with a pistol, used a gun to hold an employee and asked for overnight cash deposits totaling thousands of dollars, the statement said.
Valentine was accused of plotting to rob and obstructing the arrest of another person.
She was released on bail at the adult correctional center in the Midlands county with an unknown amount of bail.
Horn is currently wanted in the ban.
Bail orders charged with robbery, illegal possession of weapons and serious attacks.
Authorities say he often operates in the Newark area.
The last time he saw him driving a brown 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, New Jersey registered as G54GKE.
Anyone with information can contact the South Plainfield police station at 908-755-0700 or Det.
Craig Magnani, 908-226-7682.
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