man\'s appeal over €440m cork cocaine haul rejected

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-18
The Criminal Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of the British Perry Wharrie against his conviction for his role in the largest drug transport in the state\'s history.
Perry Wharrie, 53, received a 30-
On July 2, Coker Mitson heddunlow Bay, who was involved in cocaine smuggling worth 440 euros, was sentenced to prison on 2007.
Justice John McManamin, sitting with Judge Emon de Varella and Judge Brian McGovern, today dismissed the appeal of Wharrie against the conviction.
The judge, Mr. MacMenamin, said that the court was satisfied with \"dismissing every point of appeal against conviction.
Wharrie from Essex Grafton was unanimously found guilty by jury of Cork Circuit Criminal Court on July 2008 during a 42-day trial.
He denied the allegations. His two co-
The defendant was sentenced to long-term imprisonment for possession of drugs sold or supplied.
Harrie appealed his conviction and sentence.
Counsel acting on his behalf claimed that his conviction was unsafe and should be put on hold.
The DPP has opposed the appeal.
His appeal against the verdict will be heard later.
In today\'s ruling, Wharrie did not appear in court.
Wharrie\'s lawyers put forward a number of reasons in his appeal, including a Sunday World article \"interfering\" with Wharrie by columnist Amanda Brenke during the trial.
Other reasons include the submission of inaccurate material to the Commissioner for Peace, the requirement to issue a search warrant in this case, and the trial judge falsely told the jury in the charge what possession was, and whether certain CCTV footage should be replayed to the jury.
The country objected to the appeal and argued that the conviction was safe and should not be disturbed.
He and his colleagues
The defendant was arrested by Gaudi after taking a rigid inflatable boat.
On the southwest coast, five tons of cocaine were in trouble after a gasoline engine was filled with diesel.
This caused the ship to struggle to sink on the very rough sea in July.
After meeting at sea 30 miles away, cocaine has been transferred from the catamaran to their ship.
The lifeboat crew who helped the wreck found a colleague from Wharrie.
Accused of floating in an ocean surrounded by 65 packs of cocaine.
There was evidence during the trial that customs officers traveling to Dunlow Bay met Wharrie and Daly on the cliff.
Two days later, the two were arrested.
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