mammoth\'s skull is discovered in a gravel pit

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-28
A mammoth skull was found in Wiltshire, the first time in two centuries in Britain.
The fossil hunter found the skull after finding bones in a work gravel pit in Ashton Cairns Cotswold Water Park.
Dr. Swinhollingworth, an ancient biologist and science project officer at Swindon\'s Natural Environment Research Committee, went to the site to find the remains of ice age mammals after discovering bone fragments.
When he realized that he had discovered the full skull of a mammoth, he was \"surprised\" by the second mammoth found in England.
Another was found in Ilford, Essex, in the 19 th century.
Dr. Hollingworth said: \"I was going through a gravel pit and I saw a bone sticking out.
After a few minutes of intensive digging, we realized we were working on a complete skull.
Discover the oldest sculpture \"this is something so spectacular and huge.
It took 7 hours to dig carefully and it took 4 of us to carry.
It could be anything from 50,000 to 240,000 years old.
\"The skull is believed to be from a woman between the ages of 40 and 45.
7 feet high, heavy, full teeth.
\"We can even see the last meal between its teeth and it looks like a part of the grass,\" Dr. Hollingworth said . \".
\"The skulls are made of very thin but sturdy bones and they fall off easily once the animals die.
We can see the holes in the long teeth and be sure they are buried nearby.
It is spectacular and should teach us a lot about the lifestyle of mammo elephants.
Dr. Hollingworth said the skull could be publicly displayed at the new visitor center in the water park.
It will be sent to the radio station
Find the carbon age of its age.
Wool elephants live in the New World from 120,000 to 4,000 years ago.
30 minutes after the Ice Age sea level fell, they arrived in Britain, turning the North Sea into a causeway.
Scientists believe they are extinct because of the late Ice Age climate warming and being hunted.
4,000 years ago, the last mammoth died on the Wrangel Island off the northern coast of Russia.
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