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Look back 2016 outlook 2017 children essence inflatable castle popular large inventory

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Looks new, so quietly passed in 2016, during the past 2017 years, amusement equipment co. , LTD. And again to achieve the aim of the product sales and customer quantity of climbing, inflatable castle, as the company's flagship product, has helped thousands of investors to open the gate to get rich. Below small make up to big points tally up inflatable castle sales ranking in 2016. Sales of the first: sharks big slide ( The undersea world series) 2016 customers to use the most is the big shark slide, the product almost every manufacturer has production, but on modelling, color and structure of our products, is the industry far ahead. Perhaps this is the difference between normal manufacturer and small workshops. Slides at the top and climbing the top two cute sharks standing, attracts passed the kids around from far away, and the inside of the slide the hippocampus, crab, the little mermaid and other Marine creatures are more increasing the richness of the product, therefore, set forth in the product sales since its launch has been firmly in the first place. Sales in the second: indiana Xiong Bing big slide ( Bears series) As the 'bears' this animated film and film hit, inside strong baldheaded, big bear, bear the image of the two already deeply into every children's heart, so manufacturers in the production of inflatable castle when the image is blended in among them, so as to win the favor of the children. The operator when purchasing an inflatable castle consulting most also bears the slides. Joy of the indiana Xiong Bing put into went climbing it, and thus make the game more rich products. Sales three: camellia plan castle this product covers an area of 66 ping, modelling is moderate, very suitable for small and medium-sized customers. With the most popular abroad feiying modelling is the design idea, to break the bondage of conventional castle design, make the angels and toy castle can get better after combination and unity, give a person the sense with fresh and pleasing to the eye, combined with elements of forest, to create an eagle flying high in the scene, make children playing at the same time also can improve the cognitive ability. Combined with many years of market research and market demand, product design form the unique style of our company. Appearance design: the atmosphere, colour collocation is reasonable, accord with the aesthetic view of children; Modelling lifelike and vivid, rational layout, effectively increase the play staff capacity and play a lot of fun; Internal structure conforms to the principle of fluid mechanics: pneumatic, point, surface force uniform. More than three inflatable castle product is 2016 sales remained in the top three products, with the development of new products launched in 2017, let's wait and see, together to witness the best-selling products in 2017!
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