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local focus: cycling on water now a reality

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-21
Walking on the water can be a miracle.
But thanks to a Hamilton, water bikes are now a reality. Guy Howard-
Willis, founder of New Zealand bicycle company Torpedo7, turned his dream into a market --
Now he is ready to bring it all over the world.
\"I have been riding a bicycle all my life.
I like road bikes and mountain bikes. I like water sports. I like swimming.
So it\'s not hard to put these two things together, \"Mr Howard --Willis says.
He said that everyone has ideas, but the most difficult thing is to realize his ideas and find someone who can help design and produce ideas.
\"I came from the background of actually developing things, but the idea, I really want to work.
I\'m not sure if this will happen, but my vision at the time, our vision today, is very advanced.
Howard: \"I think the current role of bicycles is 20 kilometers per hour. We will go faster . \"Willis says.
It was a project that lasted more than seven years and was run by bicycle designer Roland Alonso, who was initially reluctant to climb the plane.
\"I can\'t swim, I don\'t like water, I don\'t like the sand between my toes!
I don\'t even like the sun. block!
So when Guy first came to me
I said you got the wrong guy.
But three months later, Alonso changed his mind.
Even now, he has no intention of riding a bike, and he comforts himself by knowing that many f1 and NASA designers don\'t know how to drive a car or a rocket.
And Mr. Howard.
Willis has other concerns.
\"It\'s a secret that we do this.
My family don\'t know for two reasons.
If people don\'t understand your vision, they can postpone you, and the other is that you don\'t have to tell anyone if it doesn\'t work.
\"The hydrofoil might look like a bike, but it\'s a completely different thing on the water.
Because it has pedals, saddles and handlebars, Mr alonzo said: \"It is natural that people would think it is a water bike, but in many ways it is more of a plane, instead of bicycles, wings and wheels. \".
There have been seven prototypes over the years.
Everyone is pushing the design to reach the final design that is now ready for production.
Even before a sale, 1,700 orders were already adding interest. And Mr Howard-
Willis is already planning the next model.
\"We will make a very light car in the end.
Then it becomes competitive and then it becomes a very interesting sport.
Maybe the Olympic movement.
\"The Hydrofoil will make its debut at the big boy toy convention in Auckland on November 12.
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