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lion air crash: pilot\'s call for help before plunge into ocean - 189 dead

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-21
The first photo shows that a crashed jet crashed in Indonesian waters, killing all 189 passengers on board.
JT of Flying Lion airlines-
Flight 610 traveled to pangkar Pinang, an island north of the capital Jakarta, when it lost contact with air control, about six.
Local time-33am
Only 13 minutes after takingoff.
Shortly before the disaster, the pilot of the aircraft, Indian National Bhavye Suneja, reported \"technical difficulties\" and a few minutes later
An official said he was asked to return to the airport.
Traffic control allowed the plane to return, but the plane then disappeared from the radar and fell into the sea.
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The weather is fine, the plane is new, and the pilot has experienced it.
But the president of Lion Air said that the Boeing 737 MAX 8, which was put into use just a few months ago, had been repaired before the last flight.
\"It was repaired in Denpasar (in Bali)
It was then flown to Jakarta . \"
\"Engineers in Jakarta received notes before taking off on Monday and made another repair.
This is the normal procedure for any aircraft.
\"The website showing flight data shows that the plane suddenly lost its height a few minutes before it disappeared, and the speed was accelerated.
The photos show debris, including debris that appears to be an emergency slide, as well as personal items that the ship picked up from the surface of the water, reaching the crash area of the Java Sea.
Display independent images of the heart
Broken relatives waiting for news at Soekarno Hatta international airport in Jakarta and ponkar Pinan pier.
One of the passengers is 22 years old. year-
Two weeks ago, the Old Delhi fabiento, who had just married, was working on a cruise ship to ponkar Pinan.
His wife, 23-year-old Lutfinani Eka Putri, said her husband sent her a message at 6.
At twelve o\'clock A. M. , she was sent a photo from the plane at 6.
At fifteen o\'clock A. M. , he stopped replying to her message.
She told reporters that they grew up together and they showed pictures of a smiling couple at the wedding.
\"When I saw this message, I matched the flight number with the photo of the ticket sent by Deryl,\" she said . \".
\"I cried at once.
Rescue workers said today that all 189 passengers and crew members were \"likely\" dead and human remains have been found.
\"My prediction is that no one survived because of the victims we found, their bodies are no longer complete, and it has been a few hours, so it is very likely that 189 people have died, agency operations director Bambang Suryo Aji told reporters.
The pilot, Suneja, is from New Delhi and has been working for the Lion Air since March 2011, with a flight time of 11,000 hours.
After receiving news from friends and relatives, the parents of pilot Suneja immediately rushed to their home in New Delhi to the Indonesian capital.
\"Please pray for us,\" said Suneja\'s crying mother as she got on the bus.
Anil Gupta, a family friend, said that the father of Suneja was shocked and could not speak, and his sister and mother did not come out of their room.
The accident was the first to be reported involving a widely sold Boeing 737 MAX, an updated, more fuel aircraft
Efficient version of the manufacturer\'s main order-aisle jet.
Pictures and videos shared online by the head of Indonesia\'s disaster relief agency show debris and oil floating on the water after the accident, and so far there are no known survivors.
\"RTB is correct (return to base)
Soerjanto Tjahjono, head of the Indonesian transport safety committee, told reporters when it comes to the pilot\'s request: \"We have been asked and approved, but we are still trying to find out why.
\"We hope the black box is not far from the main wreckage so it can be found soon,\" he said . \" He refers to cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders.
Pope Francis extended his condolences to Cardinal tro Parolin, the state secretary of the Vatican, saying in a telegram that the Pope \"provided a guarantee of prayer for all those who died and those who mourn their loss \".
Relatives were photographed crying while waiting for the news of their loved ones at phopal Ping Harbour Airport, and their families were photographed arriving at the agency\'s headquarters in Jakarta.
With a name, Feni said she was quick. to-be-
Married sister is on the plane and plans to meet relatives at the beach\'s starting point-pangkar Ping Harbourand-
Look for tourists in the nearby Belitung island.
\"We can find any information here about my sister, her fiance, her
The law is their friend, \"said Feni.
\"We don\'t have any information,\" she said . \" Her father wiped tears from her red eyes.
\"No one has provided us with any information we need. We\'re confused.
We want our family to be alive . \"
There were 178 adults, 1 child, 2 babies, 2 pilots and 5 flight attendants on board.
Reuters reported that there were also 20 staff members from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, with a total of 23 government officials.
There is also an Italian national on board.
Sony Setiawan revealed that he was lucky to be alive because of a traffic jam that delayed his flight.
The air tracking service FlightRadar 24 tracked the aircraft, showing it looping south as it took off
Then fly north before the flight path suddenly ends before the Java sea not far from the coast.
When a tugboat left the port of Jakarta, the plane crashed into the water, reportedly about 30-35m deep.
The plane is Boeing 737 MAX 8.
Boeing said in a statement that it was \"deeply saddened by the loss of flight JT 610\" and expressed sympathy for the loved ones on board.
A statement issued by the Indonesian search and rescue agency said that when the plane fell from the air, the local emergency launch beacon did not send a distress signal.
Although it has been testing and announcing full uptime until August 2019.
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