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landon smith, alberta teen, breaks neck in accident at trampoline park

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-02
The 18-year-
The old man\'s spinal cord was also damaged.
A teenager in Alberta is in serious condition after an accident at trampoline park.
18-year-old Landon Smith underwent surgery for neck fractures and spinal cord injuries at the University of Alberta Hospital.
Smith was injured while jumping foam at the jumping Park trampoline base in altsherwood Park.
\"It\'s still a long way to go for the kids,\" Jordan Smith, the teen\'s brother, told Huffington Post Canada channel on Tuesday, adding that, he will be in intensive care and long
The term effect is not known yet.
\"He has some feeling on his legs and feet, but he hasn\'t moved yet.
\"However, his arms and hands moved a little,\" Jordan said . \".
While his brother\'s health is the family\'s top priority, Jordan says it\'s important that people hear about Landon\'s experience --
And hope to learn from it.
\"It\'s very important that people realize that this may be anyone,\" he said . \".
\"In a few seconds, it may be them, and the last thing I want is this happening in another family.
\"Jumping Park trampoline acknowledged the incident on Facebook on Monday, saying they are providing support to their families as much as they can.
The venue explained that its foam pit met industry standards.
The Post said an inspection after the accident found that there was no fault with the equipment.
\"We are committed to the safety of our guests and will, as always, check our equipment every day,\" it wrote . \".
Landon Smith is recovering at Edmonton hospital.
Trampoline park has always been the source of safety problems.
Experts often warn of danger, but parks are becoming more and more popular.
NPR reports that the International Trampoline Park Association estimates about 50 million North American tourists visited in 2015.
The American Academy of Pediatrics \"strongly\" opposes the use of a trampoline, in stark contrast to its popularity.
A report from the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics raised similar concerns that trampoline injuries are usually more serious than those caused by other sports and recreational activities.
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