kate\'s curves inspire racy new jag

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-20
She is an actress standing on the head of the Titanic, nicknamed the Queen of Curves.
For decades, it has boasted about a jumping cat on its hat.
All of a sudden, I don\'t know what, the two are integrated.
Kate Winslet, 31, admitted that she was in good health.
The cushion frame is the inspiration for Jaguar\'s new $150,000 Coupe xk8.
The cat is gone.
Its location is the soft curve and the \"smiley mouth\" grille.
Winslet revealed that when he designed the latest Jaguar XK, she was in the mind of Ian Callum, a Scottish engineer.
She told US talk show host Jay Leno that Callum has \"decided that I am his ideal woman for whatever reason \".
So I think he was inspired by the shape of my body, which is a compliment \".
Not that she was impressed by Jaguar\'s efforts.
Winslet complained that she wanted to participate in the design.
\"The headlights are too small.
They must go.
It needs to have a bar under the dashboard with neon lights in pink and blue, umbrellas and pineapple.
\"There are wings,\" added the mother of the two children, whose role as a car designer has also become enthusiastic, \"just like the thousand-year-old Chitty Bang.
There is also an inflatable so it can be in the water.
I think I should buy a free car.
\"The latest Jaguar XK has been seen as a potential lifeline for Ford cars --
Owned Jaguar UK factory.
Sales in the United States have increased by six percentage points this year, driven by celebrity bosses such as Leno, George Clooney and Robbie Williams.
Winslet read about Callum in a magazine called Hollywood life.
Last week, Callum, Jaguar\'s chief designer in charge of Aston Martin DB7, confirmed that Winslet was indeed his muse, but insisted that it was not a matter of \"gender discrimination.
Some cars are aesthetically masculine.
People associate Aston with James Bond for the obvious reason that the defeated man is like Pierce Brosnan.
But Jaguar is supposed to be sensual and sexy, very sculptural, and Kate Winslet thought of it when I thought of it.
\"Kate Winslet is my ideal woman.
She is naturally a perfect woman, a British with integrity and ability.
She has real things like a car.
She is not just a beautiful face.
\"So I designed the new XK body, considering her.
What\'s interesting is that so many women find emotional cars more attractive.
\"Winslet is not the first woman to be celebrated in car design.
Decorative spirit of rolling ecstasy-
The form of the Royce hat, a woman tilted forward with rolling clothes, dates back to 1911.
She is based on Eleanor Velasco Thornton, the secretary and mistress of driving enthusiast John Montagu.
Four years later, Thornton drowned in the United States. boat attack.
But her memory is still Silver.
Roll the known plated statue-
The staff of Royce are in her pajamas Nelly.
The contemporary compliment to Winslet is 10 years after her first day on board 1997 blockbuster Titanic, director James Cameron said: \"God, you\'re too fat
\"Winslet got four Oscar nominations before she was 30 and was shocked when people started discussing her curve.
\"Yes, I am on a diet, but now I think I prefer to have fun with life.
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