karratha gymnastics club makes leaps and bounds

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-28
After a wave of success in 2013, the Karratha Gymnastics Association entered a new year.
Last year, the club moved from the old Karratha entertainment center to the new home of Karratha Leisureplex and set up a new organizational committee to work together to complete gymnastics for their members
The Karratha Biker association\'s generous donation also allowed the club to practice on the new airstrip 9m training mat worth more than $5000.
In addition, the club has participated in many competitions, with gymnasts traveling across the state.
Gymnasts travel to bloom for the invitational tournament, and all of them are proud to represent KGA.
In Perth\'s state championship, Irene gaoxi ranked third in the state with her vaulting device, a great feat when competing with urban gymnasts.
KGA also started their adult gymnastics program, and many participants found muscles that they never knew.
The club also held their first game on each trophy night, and the gymnasts at the competition level were recognized for their achievements.
Looking ahead, Sherry Fitzgerald, an administrative and financial officer at KGA, said the club will conduct professional development activities for their coaches in 2014.
\"The club will send two coaches to the gymnastics annual meeting next year,\" she said . \"
\"This will enable them to learn new coaching skills and work with trained coaches.
\"They will take a week to develop their skills and bring back the latest skills to share with our Karratha gymnast.
Fitzgerald also said that Pilbara will host the race in the northwest next year.
\"Gymnasts from all over the Northwest will take part in our regional competition on June/July,\" she said . \".
\"The judges from the gymnastics association will rule the competition there.
\"This activity will also provide opportunities for regional coaches to increase their skill base and further improve their certification skills.
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