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jump up! montreal\'s carifiesta parade kicks off caribbean celebrations on july 7

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-14
Carifiesta is undoubtedly
Montreal\'s most colorful and exciting parade-more fun than the city\'s legendary gay pride parade.
This year\'s 37 edition will be held in the city center this weekend, and organizers expect 250,000 spectators to watch it during the March on July 7.
\"This year, due to circumstances beyond our control, there have been some changes in the March, and you should note: The main change is that the march will begin at the corner of René levisk between Guy, at the end of Plaza Philips, \"While some people may complain about the shorter route or look at this in a negative way, we get the benefits elsewhere.
The atmosphere of Carifiesta will not end on Saturday, but on Sunday, as we negotiated on that day, what we call a \"family-oriented event\", will be held at Jean de La Po Park.
There will be a lot of activities for the kids, including having them play inflatable games and having fun for all the attendees.
In Trinidad and Tobago, the French colonial master held a big masquerade three days before Ash Wednesday.
Slaves took a day off to imitate their masters at their own party, a tradition that evolved into a famous Carnival in Trinidad.
This tradition goes north to Miami, New York, Toronto and Montreal.
This year, the racing floats in Montreal are called the \"mas band\" and all the \"playing mas \"(
At the Masquerade Party).
Participants in the \"mas camp\" in \"building mas\" throughout the city (
Sewing clothes and building floats).
There must be a theme for each mas band, at least 15-
Clothing is made of 20 people with colorful feathers and bouncing fiberglass sticks.
Traditionally, the band also participated in the King and Queen competition, of which the production cost of junior king and queen costumes was $1,000, and the production cost of adult king and queen costumes was $2,500.
Carifiesta begins at noon on July 7 at l\'vesque Le and his corner.
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