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jump around: trampoline parks bounce into nj

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-01
Dodgeball. Basketball. Aerobics.
Of course, they are also very good.
But why not try it when it\'s suspended in the middle?
Last week, the air in Morris County wore the same orange socks, and the children, parents and teenagers jumped on the floor covered with rectangular nylon apartments to celebrate the opening of the new business.
Known as the sky, this is a trampoline park.
Over the past few years, as more venues enter the area, one in a group of venues.
Trampoline park is less fun than sports and has quickly become a fashion in New Jersey, as franchises from outside the state have opened stores selling whimsical outings and vibrant birthday parties.
Although these parks may be of interest to children, they encourage skydivers of all ages to board the trampoline for a period of time.
Amy Fuda, 43, dunks after the dunk, thanks to the trampoline pushing her above the basket.
\"I like to take risks,\" said fordara of Lincoln Park . \" He\'s winwin from all the iron rings in the air --shooting.
Before the grand opening on Saturday, she took part in a preview of the sky area on Wednesday.
\"I love the freedom to jump so high,\" she says, surrounded by orange and blue dayglo at her previous Pine Creek warehouse.
Trampoline basketball is just a scenic spot in the park. There is a grid-like field consisting of trampoline completely. There are inclined trampoline walls and trampoline avoidance venues, free bounce space and pits filled with thick foam blocks from customers-
Yes, even adults.
Can sneak in with the help of trampoline.
Doug Nacala, 35, is from West Milford, and at 15, he is standing by the pit. month-
Old daughter Kali picked up a piece of foam with a smile on her face and ran around with the piece of foam.
\"I tell you, it\'s hard to get out,\" said Naccara, who freed himself from the pit after firing himself from the floating water above.
\"Trampoline is already there in 150 and they are still very popular,\" said Mike Janay, owner of Sky Zone . \".
\"There is liberation in jumping.
\"There are 65 sky zones in four countries,\" he said.
He will open two more stores in New Jersey, one in Allendale next year and the other in the Woodbridge area.
This is the second time to come to this country.
Landed for the first time in the town of Mullett, Burlington County.
The 45-year-old Janay met the sky in Buffalo, New York. Y.
The idea was immediately sold more than two years ago.
Admission price depends on how much \"jump time\" the customer wants \"--
$10 per half. hour.
Not just a place for a birthday party.
Janay said he received a call from the wedding party even before the opening ceremony.
Coming soon: Practice Class for SkyRobics.
\"I think it\'s a great exercise,\" said Gina Zakaria, 44, Fairfield . \".
She is a physical therapist and she says she is looking around for a place to hold an 11 th birthday party for her son Matthew in September.
\"This is very good for cardiovascular,\" she said . \".
\"Those who want to jump in the sky area have to buy a $2 slide ticket --
Grip \"socks \"-
They are not allowed to step on without a trampoline.
\"It makes you jump higher!
\"Melanie Foreman, 9, in Montville, is very enthusiastic.
Jump shots or parents (
Persons under 18 years of age)
A waiver must be signed on a computer near the entrance.
Taking into account the risks involved, it is difficult to find a park that does not require a trampoline.
Exemption from Sky Zone
In addition to informing the customer that they will be responsible for any medical treatment caused by Jump injury --
It is recommended that the jumper and the parents, fracture, ligament sprain or tear, paralysis or even death are the risks of bounce.
\"I know that this risk cannot be eliminated at all without compromising the basic quality of the activity,\" it wrote . \".
To prevent injury, the park seals all trampoline springs with a cover and ensures that the staff referee retains jumpers of different sizes on different sides of the trampoline to prevent extreme weight lifting.
Unlike the family trampoline, which is no distance from the ground, Janay said, so the risk of falling on the side or side is small.
But there\'s no double.
A flip or reverse flip is allowed to prevent sprains and trampoline burns, and only one jumper is allowed per trampoline.
There are a lot of interconnected trampoline that allows the bouncing revelers to jump from the trampoline to the trampoline instead of the huge bounce.
But there is no age limit.
Some parents choose to stand in front of them when their toddler jumps.
On 2012, former Yankees pitcher Chamberlain was injured while playing with his son on a trampoline at a children\'s entertainment venue, and had to undergo surgery after an ankle dislocation.
The franchises of other trampoline parks have catered to those who are eager to rebound, while acknowledging the danger.
In the Edison trampoline park, which opened in 2012, paratroopers under the age of 18soon, 16 —
Kenneth Yeglinski, the owner, said helmets must be worn.
He first encountered the idea of trampoline while training for mixed martial arts.
\"This is really a full body exercise,\" he said . \"
\"After a day, you have pain in your abdominal muscles and pain in your back.
\"Edison Park used to be home to the gymnastics space and basketball shooting Academy, with arcades and basketball courts in addition to trampoline dodgeball, and yeglinski said 100 people took part on Saturday night.
\"It\'s like zero gravity,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s interesting.
And \"air-Course Robics.
\"You can burn 1,000, 1,200 calories per hour,\" Yeglinski said . \".
\"It\'s super, super intense, but the good thing is that it\'s easy on the joints.
\"Enter every hour-
The first is $17, and then every $12.
He said another Rebounderz would be coming to params, probably near Highway 4 early next year.
In November, the stratosphere trampoline park was opened in heinport, Burlington County.
The franchise from Maryland is also $10 per half.
Hours, there\'s a bubble pit and forever
Popular Trampoline in Trampoline geball
The first game is next month.
\"It\'s very popular on the West Coast,\" said Sharon Carpenter of the concept.
\"They are quite new here,\" says Carpenter, marketing manager at Stratosphere . \".
\"I think the charm is that it spans all ages, and if you\'re an adult it\'s going to get you back to being a kid.
\"Right on the New York border of the Valley Lodge, bouncing!
Trampoline sports have been open since 2011 and there have been many group visits to summer camps recently. \"This is a very upward one. and-
The upcoming business, \"said Mike akadi, general manager.
\"They came out everywhere.
\"Another trampoline park franchise to New Jersey is a rock jump based in Pleasanton, California.
Its first regional location recently opened in Trumbull, Connecticut.
\"I think it really hit the East Coast about a year and a half ago,\" said Drew Wilson, president of the company . \".
He said his franchisees were talking to landlords in the Morris Town area to try to take advantage of the game time needs of local families.
Finding the right space is not easy, he said.
After all, the body must have enough space to fly in the air
Hope to be the most relaxed.
\"Let\'s call it what it is,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s a positive movement.
\"In The Sky of Pine Brook, where can we bounce-(973)396-
4001 and murstow-(856)235-4411; skyzone.
Com-Rebounderz, Edison-(732)902-6987;
In The Covent of heinport(609)914-4470;
Layered trampoline. com• Bounce!
At the Valley Lodge, N. Y. -(845)268-4000; bounceonit.
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