2020 most popular jump airbag factory direct supply for your best free fall experience, contact us !

Rich in inflatable toys experience, Powerful has been manufactured various jumping airbags for many years, functioning as an effective buffer zone with each joint safely sealed and shored up, Powerful airbag for jumping is considerately designed to cushion jumping impact to keep users safe and sound, meanwhile, to maximize jumping experience for users.  Our jump airbag supports high-altitude jump. It's the first choice of many outdoor extreme sportsmen. The size, color and logo printing can be customized. Customize your own stunt jump airbag now.

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Advantages of Powerful freefall inflatable stunt airbag:

1)light-weight and space-saving: convenient to carry
2)quality-assured, up to par ISO 9001, free from damage during transpotation
3)easy-operation & installation: easy & fast inflation for instant cushion
4)360°blow up to full performance
5)wide application: a right fit for skiing landing, high-altitude jumping, stunt riding and free falling, adventure park...

6) custom freefall inflatable stunt airbag service supported, embodying size, logo, packing etc.

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