is cannabis a modern gold rush for california real estate?

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-03
If you lift your nose high enough, you\'ll smell a new trend floating through the climax of Los Angeles --End real estate. Cannabis.
Yes, the federal government hates and chooses controlled substances of state Love.
Mahjong shake the foundation of the real estate industry.
In fact, it has gotten rid of the reputation of stoner.
Millennials accept it (
And less offended by it)
Baby boomers and generations
Xers gradually realized that cannabis has undeniable health benefits for their pain and suffering.
Marijuana is no longer an underground drug frenzy, it\'s a health-renouncing cottage industry.
In the real estate industry, if you build it (with cannabis)
They will come.
It\'s legal, open and inevitable in California.
No matter how nervous it is for American companies, man, it should be relaxed
I don\'t eat marijuana but I am fluent in Cheech and Chong).
Cannabis remains destructive and controversial.
But the dispute can be mined into gold (
After all, this is the Golden State).
During the California gold rush, some brave people opened up this new path like early gold miners.
2 million last weekend
Dollar House (
Living in the \"Green House\" in Hollywood Sherman oak and Columbia Square \")
Become rogue and attract potential buyers with the \"cannabis feast\" of insurgents --back-to-
In the luxurious space, countless cannabis products, food and experts attended the post-Open-air party.
La Ting \"Ray\" nosaari, a developer in Los Angeles (
Huntington Manor property)
He is building what he calls a \"cannabis building\", an extraordinary Belaire residence that features a \"cannabis greenhouse (a lounge)
Organic water cultivation corridors, custom lighting, gardening services and adequate ventilation are available.
It will include a biometric lock and a secret underground bar.
Style bookshelf entrance, like the old times.
\"Legalization of marijuana allows me to add more amenities to our families,\" Nosrati said . \".
\"Luxury buyers want to have more options and extra things to improve their lifestyle and have a positive impact on their entertainment and lifestyle.
\"If the buyer is not selling marijuana, Nosrati\'s lounge can be converted into a custom organic garden.
Expect more developers to follow in his footsteps.
The 2016 adults in California use marijuana act makes this all possible (Prop 64)
Legalise recreational marijuana and plant six plants at home.
With the use of marijuana by professional athletes and Hollywood entertainers alone, California\'s economy may rebound.
Snoop Dogg and Bill Maher may already have Nosrati on the speed dial.
Former NBA player Kenyon Martin said that 85% of the people in the league are smoking marijuana, while former powerhouse martelus Bennett believes the NFL\'s brutal physical performance is even higher. around 89%)
Both movements violated official rules.
Could legal marijuana be the reason so many athletes want to play in California these days (
Eclipse the sun)?
\"Several Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes and celebrities in California have reached out,\" Nosrati said . \".
\"We also received multiple calls from business managers from rich and famous people, no. of-
National and international clients expressing interest.
\"This modern\" kanabez \"gold rush has attracted investments like ubigothenburg, gwynys Paltrow, Mike Tyson, Joe Montana, Willie richard\" Cheech \"Marin & Tommy Chong A variety of cannabis products from painkillers to beauty products to ice cream flavors.
In California and Colorado (
Marijuana is also a legal place)
Commercial real estate companies are eager to help cannabis entrepreneurs secure space for retail stores, warehouses, pharmacies and cooperatives.
The National Summit on real estate and cannabis, held in Denver in October, will help Realtors understand this booming trend.
Real estate in Southern California is a bloody sport, but it is careful to navigate the dynamics of this proliferation of marijuana.
Bold people like Nosrati are heading into the residential pool --
Marketing marijuana as beneficial rather than taboo.
Recently held a cannabis workshop at Greenleaf House, training 50 Realtors on how to harvest, treat and trim cannabis plants
Prepare for this changing market.
Green House is a sixbedroom, seven-and-a-
Half bathroom turnkey home with 5,600 square feet of living space, HBO, waterfall pool, spa, outdoor bar, 200-square-
Guest room suite, 250-square-
Backyard of the cottage
Ideal place for green leaf cannabis lab party.
Promoted to \"challenge all your sensory experiences of cannabis and real estate\", the first known cannabis open day in real estate history.
Unfortunately, no one remembers how this party failed (just kidding).
The whole $3.
Contemporary property 5 million (
Right on Greenleaf Street)
, Guests travel through the \"sensory laboratory\" sponsored by the Mota group (
Private club of cannabis ideas).
They drank bu tea cocktails and ate marijuana.
Infused food, crafted bouquets of cannabis, indulge in cannabis beauty products, eat snacks, enjoy a CBD cream massage, eat snacks, taste the harvest of \"cannabis Cottage\" and eat more.
\"Imagine Soho House buying marijuana,\" said Ben Quibrera, Rodeo real\'s listing agent.
\"Mota and its early members and partners are able to bring higher, higher
Rich experience in the real estate industry.
It is at the forefront of the cannabis revolution. ”Word (
Or smoke signal)spread quickly.
People walked in casually from the street, including a family of passers-by who were on their way to the cannabis pharmacy (
\"The real accident,\" Quibrera said\".
This time, it\'s not a stoner or slacker radar.
In fact, they also bought a mansion in the market.
\"We created this [social media]
The buzz that night
\"There are a lot of calls, emails and requests to show the property over the weekend, followed by a Monday morning offer,\" Quibrera said . \".
Columbia Square living in Hollywood has had a different cannabis experience.
An elevated health roof pool party in the luxury rental building with 200 refurbished homes. This Mota-
Health Party for residents and non-residents
Residents explore how to inject non
Spiritual CBD brands including natural mood booster, painkillers, food, scents and bouquets enter daily life.
\"I\'m the only builder to create a cannabis lounge,\" Nosrati said . \".
\"If other developers want to ignore the health benefits of marijuana, that\'s fine.
They will eventually show up because this is what more buyers are asking.
\"Whether this ever-changing cannabis landscape is a real estate earthquake or an earthquake remains to be seen.
But anyone can see it coming, even through all the smoke.
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