inside \'the hunger games\' world at china\'s new adult theme park

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-15
Hollywood film studio Lion Gate
This summer, Hengqin in Zhuhai launched the Lion Gate entertainment world facing the Asian theme park.
The studio worked with the Thinkwell Group and the country Roadshow theme park to produce amazing movies --
Theme vertical park on multiple floors.
Lion Gate entertainment world works with CAVU Design Werks, DreamWorks attractions, Framestore and ETF to develop breakthrough technologies behind new rides. The 240,000-square-
The walking indoor park will offer 25 different attractions including several famous franchises for Lion Gate movies: Hunger Games, Twilight, hair divergent, now you can see me, EgyptThe most-
The expected rides will be at the Hunger Games attractions, which include state-of-the-art simulators and themed dining such as the bakery of the Capitol Club and Peeta, as well as themed shopping venues such as Capitol fashion, the most outrageous wardrobe Custom Shop.
The Egyptian gods will include an indoor virtual reality roller
Roller coasters, different fearless appeal will interact more with the physical challenges on the virtual springboard.
On the whole level of The Hunger Game, visitors will immerse themselves in the rich Capitol building, there are gold and marble street views, themed gourmet restaurants, bakeries, and hair salons inspired by the outrageous hair styles in the movie.
The violence-themed film tells the story of the government fighting with an axe and bow in a bloody arena with children.
Visitors can imitate their favorite heroine Katniss Everdeen in rides without Gore\'s thrills, but more dark and suspense than most theme parks.
Fans will no doubt queue up for the tongue bird flight: The rebels escape and take you to the ATV month-
D. Predictions when fleeing cities and evil peacekeepers.
On your journey, black tar, charged nets, fire and splash water that attacks the genetically engineered wasps around you.
The legendary attraction of Twilight is the world\'s first multi-person, interactive and super-
Motorcycle simulator experience.
Visitors will join Jacob and the Wolves for a dramatic dark adventure in the Moonlight Woods.
The park, an hour\'s drive from Hong Kong, is part of an ambitious project called \"Novotown\", a comprehensive tourism and entertainment development project.
It will be managed by village road show theme park and supported by Lai Sun Group, Hong Kong.
Future products of the park include Real Madrid World and flying theater thrill-
Ride experience from a football point of view, Ducati theme motorcycle racing experience.
I spoke to Dave Cobb, creative director in Los Angeles.
Based on the Thinkwell Group that helped design the project, he gave me an idea of what made the attraction so unique and the future of adults in the future --themed parks.
What\'s special about this theme park?
Dave Cobb: \"We created the first PG 13 Theme Park through design.
When customers come to us, there are multiple components to the development projects they are building, and they are particularly keen to attract young dating people in China.
In China, dating people in their 20 s and 30 s are going out in droves, as are the brands we are looking.
\"The Lion Gate is perfect because almost all of their brands are young people and tend to tell stories in a more sophisticated way.
The world of Hunger Games is much bigger than the arena.
When you start to see the bigger Panem world and the heroism and stylish koookiness of resistance within the Capitol, we can immerse people in this world in many different ways
When you visit the world of Hunger Games in this park, you are actually in Panem, which is the tension between the top elements of the Capitol and resistance.
Like any good theme park attraction, it is filled with dramatic tension.
Visitors can be part of the resistance movement or part of the Capitol building, where you can buy the \"Aifei trikate\" of fashion and hair \".
\"How do you impress the most tired audience?
Dave Cobb: \"The audience in China is very technical.
Since this is an indoor park designed specifically for this crowd, our capacity is also lower than most theme parks.
The rides themselves can be more intimate, and we can learn some of the techniques we usually avoid in the theme park.
You\'ll see a lot of VR experiences, but they\'re very low in capacity and it\'s hard to scale to places like a big world --
Class theme park.
\"In this park, we use virtual reality in three different ways, which is determined by the size and demographic nature of the audience.
We immerse people in these incredible lush visual worlds, combining motion simulation with physical effects, map you to this digital world and the physical world you are interacting with in the car.
The park\'s headline VR attraction, known as the midnight tour, is based on the legend of Twilight and the first in the world.
Player, interactive, hyper-
Reality VR simulator, you are actually sitting on a motorcycle, playing with wolves in this dirty bike adventure with complete rider freedom.
It\'s not just a pre-prepared canned simulator piece
This is a world you can explore on your journey.
\"This is a game --
Change when you talk about a theme park attraction with a considerable capacity.
We created our first goal, too.
Built a virtual reality roller coaster called the God of Egypt
Fight for eternity
We used the layout of the roller coaster to trick the riders and you actually went through it twice at different speeds.
In this way, we usually do only half the footprint, which is twice the experience necessary for an indoor park.
But it uses VR technology to extend the world beyond the physical roller coaster you ride.
What is the future of the theme park?
Dave Cobb: \"The theme park will open up more stories where you are no longer just a passive bystander in the sights.
The attractions of success are not only those that write you stories emotionally and physically, but also the choices you make through interaction or through interaction.
This interaction will make future attractions different as we are dealing with the audience presented in video games.
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