inflatables: stability and safety

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David Kendall Zhan
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Since the first appearance of this ship during the Second World War, the current inflatable movement and utility boats have been greatly developed.
How to illustrate this?
A recent postcard shows a cartoon of an inflatable ocean liner.
The title says, \"coming to you,\" and the ship is labeled QEIII.
Although this is impossible, it is certainly not impossible.
Considering that inflation started with a blow
Life jackets called Mae Wests, as well as ugly yellow tapered boats designed for the shot down pilots, have had some dramatic gains.
The structure, design and material improvement of inflatable toys today can be listed very simply.
Inflatable design effort centered on stability, safety and performance.
Stability is mainly a problem for smaller inflatable boats.
According to Jorg Wernsperger of Austrian inflatable boat manufacturer semalit Leisure, the weight of the inflatable boat is far more than that of a rigid boat of the same size.
Therefore, the stability problem reduces the possibility of the stability problem in the larger inflatable device.
In fact, inflatable boats are called non-inflatable boats. capsizable.
This is, of course, an exaggeration;
Any ship could capsize.
But as a class, inflatable toys are hard to flip, which also improves their safety.
They are also hard to sink.
It is also almost impossible for advertising to break inflation by overcharging.
Tim Curtis says he is in charge of the North American Zodiac company.
The pressure on inflation is much lower than most people think.
Only 2 to 5 pounds per square inch.
The volume of air expands the ship.
\"Advertising this means that there is no pressure to rush out in the case of puncture.
The tube can soften, but usually does not collapse all the way.
For the sake of safety, the inflatable design usually has many different tube rooms.
In order to prevent the complete loss of air, each air is separated from the other air.
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So far, the performance of the inflatable has been a function of the almost flat bottom configuration.
Now there is a rigid and inflatable design on the bottom.
They ride more softly, with very high speed and fuel efficiency.
Using some of the best known materials and connection technologies, the seams are not inflatable.
Of course, the seams are not stitched, but bonded or electronically welded.
This is one of the reasons why the cost is relatively high.
Some larger models cost over $2,000.
Modern inflatable toys.
The bottom and seat support of most models have improved as American car owners tend to track the inflator or drag the inflator to the top of the car rather than deflating and Brown --bag them.
Inflatable materials include some complex fabrics and finishes.
Initially, the inflation is made of nylon or artificial silk fabrics that are pressed (coated)
There are a wide variety of Ding benzene or haibolong rubber compounds.
Strive to ensure the integrity of air tightness for a long time.
Minimize the impact of scratches.
The probability of penetration and degradation by ultraviolet rays of the sun is reduced.
Now, in response to DuPont\'s new technology, at least one manufacturer has launched V-
Hulled Inflatable made of Kefla fiber.
According to DuPont, Kefla fiber is an aromatic fiber with potential huge benefits in puncture
Resistance, toughness and strength while also saving a lot of weight.
This year, the new Kefla ship will be sold through retail stores.
One of the biggest gains for future inflatable users may be their ability to match inflation performance (
For example, the highest speed of half power)
Power economy, stability and safety, the desire for bigger ships.
A version of this article appears on page 5005016 of the national edition of January 18, 1981, titled: Inflation: stability and safety.
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