Inflatable toys use must remember! ! !

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
Inflatable toys, many children are like to play, because this is the use of gas, so we are also more at ease when using, children at the time of jumping will exhibit a degree of elasticity that parents can be at ease when I leave, this time we should all understand! But when using inflatable toys, especially at the time of use is there are a few points need attention! Inflatable toys inflatable notes 1. Not too much inflation, and 90% can! 2. When kicking hard don't too hard! 3. Inflatable don't close to and use of fire! 4. Inflatable and use of do not contact! 5. Don't fill the gas cylinder used in high pressure gas or cheer! About the use of inflatable toy attention isn't understand! If you use that kind of hydrogen and when, if exposed to fire explosion, is harm to our health, and inflatable toy is for children, so we must pay more attention to oh! If you have want the inflatable pool and other inflatable toys, can telephone contact us inflatable toy manufacturers!
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