Inflatable toys inflatable castle installation method

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-23
Inflatable castle is one of the inflatable toys, such as inflatable toy volume is huge, so at the time of installation is not very convenient, especially in the split no points method is hard to do, though we are in the amusement park, open the grass can be seen a particularly large, and it contains a lot of play project inflatable castles, we all know that inflatable castle is very popular with children, and its because he is so soft, inflatable children play safe also many, many parents tend to agree the children to play, let's come and you tell me about inflatable castle is how to install and use. Installation using 1 inflatable castle, in the beginning we find a empty place is necessary, and this is the ground if it is smooth can stand above directly, but if you have any sharp objects such as grass on the ground, you need at the bottom of the bedding (on the shop Striped cloth, waterproof cloth, canvas, etc. ) So that we can protect. 2, according to the instructions to use fan fan, check the fan power cable matches. Check whether the fan is loose, rotating blades to check whether there is peculiar smell, to determine the normal again after commissioning, turning on the power supply wire and distribution installation technology certification by professional electrician in accordance with the national regulations on safe use electricity. More than 3, start the typhoon machine can, in turn, starting, with 20 - a fan run before Under 30 seconds after the restart, a new device leak less, originally a period, only part of blower mouth, depending on the equipment after degree of hardness and softness, gradually will fan mouth all live. 4, to the end should be shut off the power, and then solve equipment fan, stay back open fan blades stood still, after 10 minutes and then folding equipment. Is install at four o 'clock this inflatable castles to note, that it is necessary that we must pay more attention when installation, is responsible for the children, so there would be no life safety, is very important, and cannot be used for earnings quality is bad products, when buying must buy good quality, inflatable toy manufacturers have inflatable toys, inflatable pool, and other products, welcome calls in need.
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