Inflatable toy manufacturers should tell you how to run the inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
Now run inflatable castles, inflatable trampoline more and more. Today, as a trampoline kinghun manufacturers to introduce to you, in the inflatable trampoline these inflatable toys business operator is prone to error. 1: inflatable toy trampoline in the outside business, often on outdoor outside without charge. This is the operator time is long one of the most common situation. The inflatable toy long-term outside the sun is very easy to damage, affect the normal use. 2: during the operation, it is better to focus on the scene, in order to avoid the trampoline or accidents cause damage in their children. 3: inflatable charge and pay attention to whether children at play, right to play. So as not to cause dangerous accidents such as over children. 4: maintain the cleanliness of the trampoline clean not only can give the children bring a good recreation environment, believe that can give your business with many clients. 5: it is strictly prohibited in the abnormal weather, such as wind, cloudy day want to rain the weather. In case of temporary situation bring losses. 6: attention with children. A remind parents and children need to pay attention to in the process of play.
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