Inflatable toy manufacturers say inflatable pool and pool difference of the support

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
On a hot summer day, yo are always out of the endless sweat, horizontal may not stay in an air-conditioned room all day, or is I want to go to the swimming pool bubble all day. To meet our cool them down. When we go swimming, in addition to bring inflatable toy, a family to go swimming, also with the inflatable pool, but many consumers don't understand the inflatable pool and the difference of stent pool, today we have to say. First is the difference between the structure, the structure is how to different? Let's look at the stents pool, pool is a steel tube as the main body, supported by a mix of all around and the underside of PVC cloth. And in the form of inflatable inflatable pool, will around the tire inflated after water injection. Followed by the composition of the material is different, the body of the stent pool is the seamless steel tube, which the pool is a pool use special PVC coated fabric. And inflatable pool is in order to more in line with the children to play water demand, used the regular pool cloth, used in different ways, with the appearance of the painted. Specifications, stent pool has a height of 1. 0 m, 1. 32 meters and 1. 5 m pool. Inflatable pool for tire high 0. 55 meters, 0. 65 and 0. 8 m pool. Both round or square design, size specifications can be customized. After the expression of the above, I believe you for inflatable pool and pool have more clearly understanding. Won't tell not clear. Inflatable pool pool and stents are actually very convenient inflatable toys, used in swimming is very happy. Inflatable toys manufacturers in the production of high quality inflatable toys, inflatable pool. Welcome to inquire.
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