Inflatable toy manufacturers said the baby can swim

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Parts of the country into the high temperature, high temperature warning issued purple, people are concerned about asked, you are cooked? No, I have been baking the purple! Sorching summer, there is nothing like swimming playing water more can let a person mind and body have been liberated, many people take their children to go swimming together, and they can play, also can give the child a swimming coach. But the baby or child swimming need to pay attention to what? Swimming age does not define, as long as there are adults would care, infants can also go to the swimming pool to play. It is important to note that a noisy public pool may frighten the baby. Generally speaking, more than six months is suitable for the baby to play in the pool, At least 4 - 5 months, when the baby is pricked up his head) well 。 But this is just playing with water, the baby can't begin to learn to swim, to learn to swim, your baby needs to master skill is equivalent to five years old child big, Without armrest up and down the stairs, to be able to run and jump legs alternately, cycling, one leg forward and backward jump) 。 In general, the baby 4 s at the earliest, to learn to swim. Take the baby to swimming pool need to pay attention to what? 1, the water temperature. Most of the adult swimming pool was too cold for children, swimming pool water temperature in 29 ~ 30. 5 ℃ or so is more appropriate. If the baby chills, want to embrace him out quickly, with a warm towel wrap. 2, time. Don't let the baby stay too long in the water, from 5 - 10 minutes to try, and gradually extended. If your baby is less than 1 year old, don't stay in water for more than 30 minutes. 3, avoid to let children swallowing too much water. 4, children with skin problems, don't go as far as possible, because the chlorine in pool water would be a great stimulus to the skin. 5, try to choose better swimming pool, health conditions, less during off-peak hours. Summer everyone liked playing with water, but as much as possible in the case of children with the following children together, don't let your children in the pool you will go to swimming, safety is first.
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