Inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you these points need to be careful when using inflatable toys!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
Inflatable toys are a lot of kids like to play with a product, especially in our parks should be able to see! For children to play fishing inflatable pool, for children to play in the inside of the inflatable castle, etc. , are the children happy, but because inflatable toys is the use of gas, some is our common air inside, there is a use of hydrogen, some helium, etc. , so we used to be more careful, inflatable toy manufacturer to remind you and children must remember this. Use notes 1 inflatable toy. When kicking hard don't too hard! 2. Not too much inflation, and 90% can! 3. Inflatable and use of do not contact! 4. Inflatable don't close to and use of fire! 5. Don't fill the gas cylinder used in high pressure gas or cheer! Inflatable toys for fun, but also should pay attention to children's health, the five parents to their children to play with these toys is important to note that when there are children playing in the inside, we parents to accompany in side it is good, if want to buy all kinds of inflatable toys for our children to play with, can know about our inflatable toy manufacturers, factory still more of many kinds of toys, can see the product center in detail.
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