Inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you the history of the inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
History of large children's inflatable toys, inflatable castle, larger now for large inflatable toys, inflatable castle without much significance, but I think is necessary to understand its history to understand. I occasionally saw on baidu encyclopedia, everyone read once in a while might actually be no ills. Below is the detailed situation: castle in the early stages of a model known as mound and plate. Is built against the soil mud like earth embankment, with certain width and height, generally speaking, there are fifty feet tall. On the mound can build towers, large wooden boards under the mound is enclosed, inflatable castle called BanZhu, used for protective mouth positions, livestock fence and the cabin used to live in. Mound and BanZhu is like a small island, was excavated and filled with water in the moat surrounded, restricted by a bridge and a steep path to connect with each other. At the time of danger, if can't keep BanZhu, defense force will retreat to the towers. In the eleventh century, began to stone instead of clay soil and wood to build the castle. Construction in the soil on the surface of the top of the wooden towers, instead of chunk, stone works to prevent what is known as the shell fortress, towers or fortress for later development. A stone wall will be surrounded by the old BanZhu and fortress, and instead trenches or surrounded by a moat, in addition to setting the gate of suspension bridge and protection to the castle gate only. It in the end is a square building, and have been painted red to draw carefully, then the Kings to see today the construction to strengthen the walls and improved its category. After the Crusades, bring new skills and to prevent siege engineer, make the planning of the inflatable castle is improved. Concentric castle expanding from the center, surrounded by two or more wall annular walls. The towers of a square in the end to enhance against the wall, then instead of round towers. Inflatable advertising for towers in the corner of the square will be very vulnerable to struck, towers hit extremely easily, make full and round towers are more with parry. At the top of the walls and the towers can be adding more combat readiness, make them down impact. Artillery appeared in Europe in the early 14th century, of course, but until the middle of the 15th century in the past, didn't use to have power of siege artillery. With artillery skills improve, people also began to change the planning of the castle as a coping. Previous high dangerous steep walls replaced by low sloped walls. In the middle of the 15th century, due to the expansion of royal power, appeared castle began to decline.
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