Inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you how to choose goggles

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-30
Summer is coming, all kinds of water park will gradually open up right away. Water park is not only a lot of swimming pool there will be more and more people went to swim, the swimming goggles is very important, and can protect our eyes don't let the water in the swimming pool in, so we in the goggles on the choice of what to notice? Under the surface inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you how to choose goggles. Diving mask, when the choice, consider from the following aspects: mask styles: single window, double Windows single window mask, maximum view; Double window mask, nearly depending on the lens can be replaced, and degree about different. Ever also have too many Windows in front of the mirror, but it is not popular, and inner cavity space is too large. Lumen space: the inner chamber, the greater the more limited visual field, pay attention to the description on the inner cavity volume or try, feeling the lens is closer to your face. Snorkeling in front of the mirror and diving mask is different. Diving mask of the lens is made of water pressure test, able to bear the pressure of 50 meters water depth, and snorkeling mask generally only 10 meters deep under pressure. The edge of the diving mask is to use made of silica gel, and some snorkeling mask could be made from rubber, or silica gel composition has a problem. To smell the smell inside the mirror, silica gel should be tasteless, if pungent odor, the material is not correct.
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