Inflatable toy manufacturer to introduce inflatable toys and maintenance methods

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-31
Inflatable toys are common in our life, it is a lot of children are like toys, such as inflatable sofa such as inflatable castle, etc. So how similar these inflatable toys to maintain? The following inflatable toy manufacturer to introduce inflatable toys and maintenance methods. Fan installation should pay attention to place first to tell you about, because the installation of the fan is not only a fan using the first step, is also a very important step. Fan when installing access should be smooth, smooth, smooth curve, as far as possible to reduce air resistance, in order to avoid the loss of the energy of the fan. In addition into the draught should have good location and enough air flow into the air space, fan can guarantee the normal operation. The fan after the installation commissioning inspections first, best commissioning inspection is for case one thousand. Commissioning check first to check whether the power supply is consistent with blower nameplate ( Voltage deviation plus or minus 5% allowed) , and then check whether the wiring is consistent with the wiring diagram, the grounding of the plug must not stay safe hidden trouble. Electric fan can run normal for a few minutes, check whether there are abnormal noise or run is not normal, and so on and so forth. Yiwu ShenYi inflatable toy manufacturers of plastic products production inflatable pool, inflatable tumbler, inflatable ball and other inflatable toys, welcome to inquire inflatable sofa wholesale, wholesale yiwu inflatable pool, inflatable 'daruma' price.
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