Inflatable toy factory remind you: be careful play inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-23
Neighborhood at night have the Mid-Autumn festival activities, in order to take part in the mi, the dinner eats is agile. Play with them will I go home to wash dishes, when the two children on inflatable trampoline jumping heat sweating all over. About ten more minutes, inflatable trampoline heard microphones in the corridor, sad to cry, to open the door, is a real cry out of breath, thought it was reluctant to go home and listen to his intermittent, said it was on the trampoline is a big size close to adult children on breath and resistance, however, very not easy to each other and can escape, pain and fear, crying is really sad, probably have nightmares tonight. Before you go to sleep, again and again over and over again to tell us, don't leave the door of his room. We also have to repeatedly, again and again not to lock, repeatedly explain to lock the door in order not to let herself treasure in affect his learning and sleep, now he does not learn, Chloe treasure have to go to sleep, naturally, there is no need to lock the door; Repeated presentation with him again, even locked the door in the outside, his own in it also can open, need not worry completely. So, before I finally went to sleep, also don't know if there are no episode in the middle of the night. As you can imagine his helplessness and fear, this experience was the first time for him. Just back he was crying, I cleaned the kitchen, two children to take a bath, soaking wet supposed to treasure to drink milk, mi pack my school bag to, and Sue QiangBai at the sight of me & other; So, in this case how can you come back, first, of course, want to see a! ” Chaos, busy, angry, all this about this matter, I think I should talk to him, but can not go to want to talk about what, can only be emergency told he will avoid some later. When they are in the bath, and I continue to brush pot in the kitchen when I was aggrieved, a because Sue QiangBai hatred to & other; Rather than go home with his wife, what you did was to find the child, let him explain his behavior to the mi's apology, or the head of activities, pointed out that the hidden danger of this activity? ” After all, like this kind of inflatable trampoline, let a big size approximate adult children, most with no more than seven or eight years old is given priority to with pre-school children, is very dangerous? If change is I was there, I will do so. Although, I've always believed in the tangle between adults should not be involved in their children, should let the children solve the problem by themselves. But this is beyond the confines of this. , that's what I want to sit here at the moment, still hot, the thought of the mi, intermittent said, & other; No gas & throughout; , you can't calm. Than home, followed by the mi how to explain the matter, when dealing with more important. I think of a few days before forwarding the German education child's weibo, is really necessary, the whole family learning up quickly!
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