Inflatable toy factory remind parents when children do well must timely encouragement

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
Today is August 1, 2013 east 5 years 3 months did dongdong go to school this morning 24 days like ping ju let mother went downstairs, inflatable toy factory going out when I looked at himself in the walk, I said you farewell, my mother to a toilet, you down, you said ok, mother farewell, here I have jut not believe, so as to come out, you come back, mother farewell, fast surface closed the door, but should not into the mosquito, you see today children language and the eve of us heart kiss, mimic ah, from yesterday as early in the original said not wrong, east dad didn't come back for dinner last night, I said east, toward the early today I to have a dinner, mom and to spare, you eat, then I was divided into the room, he still didn't eat for a while come back, I was in no report him, things you want to eat a few eat, I eat, don't eat to also go, that's hungry belly, tonight I also compare idle, I urged again, things really himself with bowl with a spoon, to eat soon, yes, for a moment and asked my mom I will draft a leg, I said no, buy today's hour tonight is what you want, ha ha, it seems a little I an hour when he is obedient, for a moment, I was too hot, want to eat an ice cream, I can say, but can only eat half, and tomorrow to eat the other half, the promise of this guy soon, which I'm not watching him, I asked him for a while, he said once put half in the refrigerator, I see, indeed, half the ice cream in the refrigerator, said nothing wrong. Dongdong come back every day the first thing to do is to open the TV, watching TV, when having a meal, also didn't take to see sleep, I said you have no in this incident, east say also said ah, ah, when I said what they say I have a thing to play with toy, I said no, in the somebody else say, of course, there are genes on the female garden, then I said to you, we have to brush up on some work tonight, who whole brain development of faculty said to go back to arrive home to review again, well, but I watch TV after a loose need for to just go, I promise him, both of us it was he watching TV in the original, homework, the original is not wrong, we do together a few questions, but there are eight on a topic, I said the first question, he said that the third question, this guy is not dry, and said that I have said, I still have no language, you must listen to me, he said. 。 。 。 。 Temper on the back of, well, I also said that teacher praised his bright, inflatable toy factory I see whole brain development question in the early years, he all cities do, today the original have jut easy degree, this guy around without working hard, touching the easy topic, there is no do, do the other, this can be short, to pick up his hour early today and faculty communication also said it was to sit down when the annual night shift, will the original pine zhang side, to the original study. Are thinking about how the things in the future study without tube, first to get into a good custom.
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