Inflatable toy factory remind parents to take their children to play inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
The weather of today is very good, already promised to go to the baby to buy helium balloons, then wake up in the afternoon stuffed with baby to play in the botanical garden. Because the baby has been wanting to play & other; Leap to jump really cute & throughout; , as my father's advice to the sun square inflatable trampoline, climbing up and down to play more than half an hour, and they cast to the botanical garden. Children's paradise that a lot of children at play, dad play with the baby, call mother sat on the bench. Didn't finished the second phone, listen to father holding a baby crying here, it was accidentally fell down, mom mom hurriedly come over to comfort, the baby cried to go home, not to play. Passing the galaxy park is going to feed the fish, to go down the walk, found that the baby's left eyebrow bone up good big of a red envelope, no wonder crying. After their home with grandma described & other; On the slide down. Ke is hurt, crying. ” Inflatable trampoline features: inflatable trampoline in general have a maze, a water inflatable trampoline, maze castle barriers etc. PVC production materials using advanced special smooth fabrics, hardy, fast, high tensile resistance to tear strength, flame retardant, cold resistant performance to minus 40 c. Inflatable sports products adopt advanced technology of double needle and viscose technology, products do not drop, do not come unglued. Not easy to appear in the process of amusement harmful substances or accident. Mainly for children or adults provide different difficulty of crossing obstacle, with the first a phased victory. Swim process not only full of stimulation, can improve the body's ability to all parties, such as physical exercise, analytical ability, perseverance and so on various aspects comprehensive ability. Inflatable trampoline parameters: the specifications can be customized different size, shape, material: PVC clip net cloth structure features: three-channel, modular, integrated across, wear, turn, climb, climb, slide and other structures. Purpose: to expand training, fun sports competition, cultural festival carnival activities, etc.
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