Inflatable toy equipment on site shall not be less than two people

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-02
Inflatable toy equipment on site shall not be less than two people. This is every park with inflatable toys should look at! In our real life of this kind of toys are kids like to play with, so we are all should pay attention to the point! No matter what toys for children there are dangerous! So the staff may not be less than both is hard and fast rules. Adventure playground is qualitative light, durable, most large amusement equipment with non-alkali glass fiber yarn and resin combination, make the products with unique characteristics of light weight, high strength, the proportion of the product is only about a quarter of the steel materials, various bearing structure is suitable for the corrosive environment. Product ageing resistance, high quality of matrix resin and anti-aging additives, make children paradise has lasting anti-aging performance, can maintain the luster of the long and continuous high strength, general service life can reach more than 10 years. Children's amusement equipment use fixed number of year shall not be higher than that stipulated in the relevant national laws and regulations or design review report of use fixed number of year. More than fixed number of year for children's amusement equipment need to be updated, or find a qualified unit to modify equipment, supervision and inspection qualified rear can put into use. Children's amusement equipment maintenance work, has the corresponding qualification of children's amusement equipment maintenance units or unit for large amusement equipment use. Children's amusement equipment safety management and maintenance personnel should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, passing the examination by the special equipment safety supervision and management departments, obtains the national certificate of special operation personnel, shall not engage in the corresponding operations or management. If there is a toy to play park or other place, this time I hope everyone's attention! Inflatable toy manufacturers have inflatable toys, inflatable pool, inflatable tumbler, inflatable sofa, inflatable ball and so on, have a need to can understand.
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