Inflatable toy dealers before input to inspect the project

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-03
Now, with the development of the economy, can give children more abundant toys, inflatable toys are also a dealer distribution project, then you in choosing a inflatable toy should pay attention to what place? Over the years with the speeding up of urbanization process, the improvement of people's living level and increase of child birth rate and inflatable castles, inflatable pool, people are more and more large inflatable toys, streets, so long as has the appropriate space, it is possible to have a business of inflatable castle and inflatable pool, inflatable beach pool of businessmen in business, it has a lot to do with the characteristics of Chinese urbanization with a dense population, population density, town planning between parks, amusement places, people seldom have appropriate leisure recreation places after a meal, not to mention let the child thinks a nurturing place, combined with the reality of operating costs, so a lot of inflatable toy operators had to sail, plot the door open, the space in front of the mall and the open space of the street corner where this is not suitable for operation of large-scale amusement equipment, became a inflatable toy operators have to choose the management place. So in these places inflatable castles, inflatable pool, inflatable pool or beach, what are the things need to pay special attention to? First, related management department and the land owners have been obtained after the business license, the most important thing is safety, general inflatable toy business is in the stream of dense, no matter the people passing by or children playing in the toys, safety protection measures must be done. Inflatable toys generally not too many moving parts, but most of them have air pump continuous aeration, air pump's power line must be waterproof, prevent the security measures such as pressure and prevent leakage. Toys must have prevent children fall around the fence, both to prevent other people to wait to also prevent instruments playing on children fell upon injury. More summer storm rain weather, the wind and rain, snap and came to quickly, the rain is not his problem, relatively mainly is the wind, so must not be easy, literally the toy of sufficient gas has run, must be in the ground piling fastened or with sandbags on compaction methods such as fixed, especially the inflatable castles, inflatable trampoline, such as large inflatable toys, large windward side, the device itself and not a lot of weight, before they had a strong wind blown down inflatable castle, a child fell into the street after falling from a height and pop-up trigger malignant accidents. Special note: various inflatable toys are strictly prohibited in the wind, rain and other abnormal weather business! Next, should pay attention to the selected issues management place, generally inflatable toys business peak season in the summer, in summer season and in the evening, because of the hot weather during the day, now the urban area of virtually impossible to find a shady area and large outdoor public places, basically all is after dinner, by parents with children out to go to play on the inflatable toys, so the operating time is the evening hours, in this time period, the old people's square dance, a bit bigger child rollerblading, and other people also need to take up the one of the few management place, as a result, the contradiction among this would require the operator to careful and mediate, not blindly believe that the place where the stream, a larger area of inflatable castle can bring good returns, just imagine the vast majority of sites are occupied by a inflatable toys, other people can't come, traffic is reduced, and the corresponding corresponding decrease in income, you know, took the kids to play special inflatable toys are few and far between. Again, to pay attention to the daily maintenance of inflatable toys, keep the inflatable toys and supporting facilities clean and tidy not only can build a good recreation environment for the children, and think that you will attract more and more parents with children to play. Inflatable toy operation in the open air in the outside, the operation period must be deflated to charge up, amusement of inflatable toys, for example, although the PVC fabric is not easy to aging, but because of tension after aeration, or collect together artificially deflated after abnormal trample roller compaction, or there will be a joint parts or relatively weak parts easy to damage and cause can't normal use. Finally, be sure to visit within the premises hang put safety instructions, to remind parents and children playing attention matters and details. Yiwu ShenYi inflatable pool manufacturers of plastic products co. , LTD. 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