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by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Green trees in the forest shade, water gurgling. Through the bundles of leaves, sunshine breathing the air of freedom and pure and fresh, unique natural music listening to the forest. Beach on the soft sand, looking at a sea of yt, the breeze stroke, pleasant. Since morning, enjoy & other; Riverside tidal sea level, a total of sea moon tide health. ” In the evening, feel & other; Sunset and solitary seek fly together, autumn sky color & throughout; So its moments of beauty, what you need is a multifunction tent. Ordinary tents have been unable to meet the needs of our growing, therefore, people invented the moisture, uv radiation, forming convenient, material is qualitative light, small volume, dismantled and convenient to carry, and other advantages of inflatable tent. Compared with common metal tent: ordinary tent is mostly metal stent, too light can affect the quality, too heavy a burden for transportation. Due to the existence of the pipe bracket, unable to free packaging, generally larger, need certain transport requirement, a burden to the tourists who travel, entertainment, camping. Ordinary tents assemble or disassemble, requires knowledge of the assembly, especially the frame connection, and all kinds of fittings collocation, etc. Sometimes need more assembler, laborious. If large-scale exhibition tent coefficient is doubly difficult. Stent for inflatable, inflatable tent light not only, and can be folded, transport requirement is not high. Assembly and disassembly is simple and can save more manpower and time. Free packaging, transport facilities, necessary moment also can be dropped. French designer Pierre - Stephen - Duma, Stephane皮埃尔·迪马) We design a completely transparent bubble tent, furniture that contain a lot of necessary facilities, tent sound insulation effect is good. Transparent can be designed at the same time of don't have to worry about the wind rain, make people feel so close to nature. Can also has the function of the privacy protection, from the tents outside is can't see the internal. So transparent inflatable tent to you in a mysterious castle in nature. On the above content is derived from an online: a: outdoor tents, what are the categories? Next up: next up: will see: outdoor structures, key points of camping tent camps
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